Wheelers for the Wounded

Founder of Wheelers for the Wounded - Jason Havlik

In keeping with trying to bring to the forefront all of the off roading charitable organizations, I bring to you today Wheelers for the Wounded. If you know of a off roading charitable organizations that we haven’t featured yet, please let us know and we will ad it to our list. Please provide the URL with your suggestion. If the site does not have a current website, give us some background information on it and address and we will get it posted.

Here is some information about Wheelers for the Wounded from the Wheelers for the Wounded official website:

Wheelers for the Wounded (WFTW) is an organization with the primary mission of providing a weekend of off-roading, camping, and in some cases fishing, to our country’s wounded military members all over the United States. This will provide them with much deserved fun and excitement as they traverse the most extreme terrain our great country has to offer in a variety of the best off-road capable vehicles ever built.

On the weekend of April 4-5, 2009, the WFTW program began in Florida. From there, off-road clubs all across the United States will be hosting WFTW events in their areas. Riding with the groups will give the wounded service members an opportunity to ride along in a variety of modified off-road vehicles, which will surely bring smiles to the faces of our esteemed passengers. At nightfall, they will camp out in the most beautiful parks and forests in the country.

The secondary mission of the WFTW program is to increase awareness about our country’s men and women in uniform in the hope others will do something nice for our service members.

This is not a political website in support of one party or another, or in support of past wars or the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, or against them. The only support here is for the American men and women in the armed services.

The WFTW program welcomes all types of 4×4 vehicles, regardless of the if the event host club limits its membership to only one brand.


Jason Havlik enlisted in the Army Reserves in 1989 at the age of 17. After graduating high school in Jacksonville, Florida in 1990, he attended Basic Training and Military Police School at Ft. McClellan, Alabama. Upon completion of his training, he volunteered to deploy for the Gulf War.

After returning from the war in July 1991, Jason enlisted in the active duty Army and spent the next 10 years serving his country. His duty stations included Ft. Myer, Virginia and various military posts throughout Europe. During his extended tour in Europe, Jason served two tours in the Bosnian peacekeeping mission and one tour in support of the Kosovo peacekeeping mission.

Jason exited the military in May of 2001 and was hired by a sheriff’s office in south Florida as a Law Enforcement Officer. In time, he was promoted to Corporal and later became an Investigator assigned to the Criminal Street Gang Unit.

In February of 2007, Jason made the decision to go to Iraq in the hopes of assisting in the effort to get the country’s troops home faster. He left for training and testing in May and arrived in Baghdad, Iraq on June 5, 2007. He is a private contractor for a government agency and is assigned to Army and Marine units in Fallujah, Iraq.

Rather than return to the States after completing his initial 1 year contract on June 4, 2008, Jason has elected to extend his contract and remain in Iraq until March 2009. He is looking forward to going home at that time and beginning his trip around the country in support of wounded military members.

Jason is 35 years of age, has no children and has never been married, but is close to his immediate and extended family and misses them daily. When back in the United States, he enjoys camping, wheeling, jogging, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.
Contact Wheelers for the Wounded: http://www.wheelersforthewounded.com/eventsch.htm

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Not sure if you are the same guy but I think we were pen pals while you were in Desert storm. I was young and it was a school project to wright to soldiers at war. My name is Julie. Is it you, I do not think the world has many Jason Havliks?


  2. I salute you Jason for thinking of your less fortunate comrades! A chance for an outing like this could make all the difference in the world to some soldier who needs a ‘moral lift’!


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