D & K Offroad Park – Kentucky

D&K Extreme Off Road Park

In keeping with trying to bring to the forefront all of the available off roading locations around the state, I bring to you today D & K Offroad Park located in Kentucky. If you know of a spot that we haven’t featured yet, please let us know and we will ad it to our list. Please provide the URL with your suggestion. If the site does not have a current website, give us some background information on it and address and we will get it posted.

Here is some information about D & K Offroad Park from the D & K Offroad Park official website:

D & K Offroad Park
614 Hubbard Rd.
Manchester, Ky. 40962
Phone: 1-606-598-2776 or
e-mail at darrell@dandkoff-roadpark.com

Looking for a great place to take the family for out door fun? The New D&K Extreme Off Road Park is a thrill seekers paradise, catering to Buggies, Jeeps and Rock Crawlers. Since the park opened in November 2003, visitors from across the United States have come to ride and enjoy the parks beautiful scenic trails. Family owned and locally run by Kathleen and Darrell Jones, the park is located in the Goose Rock Community of Clay County, in South Eastern Kentucky.

The New D&K Extreme Off Road Park consist of 1,550 acres of off road fury, trails, mud, rocks, hills, sight seeing, and all natural terrain and is open to anything off road able with roll bars and seat belts.

Since Labor Day 2010, D&K Extreme Off Road Park is open every weekend!!

We have some big plans in the works, so make sure to check the Calendar of Events often for new upcoming events.
Fee: $10.00 per day per vehicle and driver

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

One comment

  1. This is great news for me. My folks both moved to Illinois in their early 20’s so I have all kinds of relatives still in Kentucky. Manchester is only about 30 miles from my uncle’s place. Who could ask for more? Grub and a bunk after a day on the trails.


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