Hogan’s Off-Road Park ~ Disney, OK.

Hogan's Offroad

In keeping with trying to bring to the forefront all of the available off roading locations around the state, I bring to you today Hogan’s OffRoad Park located in Disney OK. If you know of a spot that we haven’t featured yet, please let us know and we will ad it to our list. Please provide the URL with your suggestion. If the site does not have a current website, give us some background information on it and address and we will get it posted.

Here is some information about Hogan’s OffRoad Park from their official website and the owner himself! 

“Hi, my name is Russ Hogan and I own Hogan’s OffRoad Park. I have participated in off roading for 50 years now. I built an RV park in the gateway to the range we run on, which is about five square miles of a flood control project that entails everything from mild trail riding to extreme trails and extreme rock crawling. Hogan’s OffRoad is s off road campground for 4-wheelers & Jeepers and due to its location – right beside the damn spillway- it gives off roader’s easy access to the range that we run on. The park is equipped with about 100 RV hookups up to 50 amps with water and sewer, tent camping, and a few travel trailers we rent on a nightly basis and is open 365 days a year 24/7. Tent camping is $15 and RV hookups are $25. We have several travel trailers that sleep 4-6 people and they are $60. We have one big trailer house that sleeps 10-12 people and it is $150.

Hogan's OffRoad

Our first big event this year will be our annual Big Meat Run on the weekend every year on St. Patty’s Day. There will be about three or four thousand people there and is quickly becoming one of the largest off road gatherings in the country. We really look forward to seeing old and new faces so please come and join in on the fun! Thanks!” ~ Russ

For reservations call 918-435-8001 or email Russ@hogansoffroad.com

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Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I can definitely do St. Patrick’s Day! The rock climb in the picture sure tickled my fancy. I’m so sick of nasty weather and I’m ready for a little fun. I have a snow removal business on the side and the midwest has been particularly hit with heavy snows this year. I’m overworked and more than ready for a weekend of fun and relaxation.


  2. Yee Hah, that looks like my kind of trail! I used to shy away from the rocks but that was before I figured out all that I was missing. Now, I do it all and love every minute of it. I have no idea where Disney, OK is but I’m about to get my atlas out and see.


  3. I was a big off roader in 98-99 with a built 80 CJ-7 and we went to Disney alot, every time I went I broke something, but I eventually learned not to be so agressive. Great place to play, I recomend it to everybody.


  4. Do not go here especially if you have dogs the owner of the establishment does not like dogs and when he thinks you’re not around he will threaten your dogs. Also the septic system is below standard and you won’t be able to dump your tanks cause it all runs out on the ground


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