Reno 4×4 – Reno, Nevada

In keeping with trying to bring to the forefront all of the available off roading groups around the state, I bring to you today Reno 4×4 located in Reno, Nevada. The Reno 4×4 group was suggested to us by Barbara Rainey. If you know of a group that we haven’t featured yet, please let us know and we will add it to our list. Please provide the URL with your suggestion. If the site does not have a current website, give us some background information on it and address and we will get it posted.

Here is some information about Reno 4×4 from their official website:

Reno 4×4 is Northern Nevada’s offroad community. The site consists of a forum that has information on a wide variety of topics, from land use to news to pictures of members vehicles. There are threads for general tech, covering 4×4, off road, ATVs, and more. Those who enjoy rock crawling and rock racing will also find a home here as will those who like trail runs, desert racing, and prerunners. Members can keep up with events, post pictures of their favorite events, discuss trails and share locations, and find out the latest chit chat that is happening with members.

Members can purchase merchandise such as stickers, decals, and t-shirts that show you are supporting the club as well as a premium membership to the forum. There are also links to the Facebook, Twitter, and blog pages that members can follow to get the latest up-to-date information about Reno 4×4.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I’m familiar with rock crawling as it’s my passion but I’ve never seen rock racing. I will be checking it out. The area surrounding Reno has such potential it’s hard to fathom how I survived back in the midwest. I miss my family and friends, but in this area its work for 5 days and play for 2 every week!


  2. I get to Reno several times a year but the problem is I fly in and my Jeep is back in Michigan! I’ve looked into rentals and no one rents Jeeps. That’s a bummer for sure. Now that I know there is a club I may be able to hitch a ride with one of the locals. I’ve threatened to drive out there for vacation but somehow I always get outvoted!


  3. I’m not a member of this club and don’t know what they would do in your situation but I can tell you that most clubs would be more than willing to share a ride with a fellow Jeeper who is stranded without his wheels. I wouldn’t be surprised if this club would be willing to do it too.


  4. Off roading and gambling are the two biggest pleasures in my life so you know I like Reno! It also doesn’t hurt that it’s where I live. I was lucky enough to be born here and I never had any desire to leave the area. I do take vacations and have actually visited almost every state in the continental US and while I enjoy traveling, Reno is home.


  5. Rocks get my juices flowing! I steered away from them for the longest time and now I can’t remember why. It’s much cleaner than mud and the rush is memorable. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the bottoms with all the mud slides and water but for me the extreme excitement is in the rocks. The bigger, the better!


  6. I bet desert racing is fast and furious. Never had a chance to see anything like this before but it sounds like something I would most definitely like to see and maybe even attempt at some point.


  7. I have a close friend who moved to Nevada recently and if he hasn’t found you yet, he will as soon as I send him the info. He was singing the blues about having to move someplace where he didn’t know anyone. His Jeep and off roading are 2 of the most important things in his life. He’ll fit right in.


  8. I’ve been to a couple of events sponsored by the Reno4x4 and they look like they really have it all together. I shied away from joining a club when I moved here because of a bad experience in the last club I belonged to. There are certain aspects of belonging to a club that I really miss and from what I can tell from the outside looking in, this club is different. I think I’m going to join. If it doesn’t work out, I know which way the door opens.


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