Depending on the amount of Jeep off-roading you currently do and what type of terrain you travel on, changing the type of door that your Jeep currently has installed has never been easier, there are newer and better designed doors on the market than there have been in previous years. If you are in the market for a sportier look, or something that is not easily damaged, there have never been as many choices available as there is now.

If you are in the market for a new set of soft doors, there are plenty to choose from. Designs have become more modern and no longer feature the tear away plastic window that many of us are familiar with. There is now the option of sporty and rugged designs that match your soft top and come in models that feature better designed windows or no windows at all. Depending on your climate, there is a design that will work for your vehicle.

If you take your Jeep off-roading a bit more serious and would like an extra sense of security, there are doors designed out of metal, which feature a net design. This type of door allows you some protection if your Jeep happens to tip or you run across a stray branch. The net design also allows for the flow of air into your vehicle if you are in a hotter climate.

To give your Jeep a truly off road look, you may choose to opt for the safari type doors. These doors feature a metal tubular frame with netting placed on the inside. This design offers a totally different look than many of the other choices available. If you are going for a safari look and aren’t in need of the protection this type of door will meet your needs.

There are also the tube doors that many Jeep off-roaders prefer. This type of door is constructed with a metal tube that is designed to offer you a sport look, while also offering you some form of protection. This design can be found in either a half door or full door design.

When choosing a door design it is important to take into consideration the terrain on which you will driving and how much, if any, protection from the elements you desire. Changing your doors is a relatively easy process and can be done by anyone.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. When I started driving off road I felt like I could drive with no doors, which was how I was driving in town. At first I was pretty careful, especially as the terrain got a little more challenging. Still, I felt confident enough with my own driving that I resisted adding any kind of door. That kind of thinking nearly cost me a leg. I misjudged the angle of a rock I was climbing and the Jeep tipped precariously close to the edge of the rock and my instinct was to push back with my left foot. My buddy yelled and at the last minute before the Jeep tipped over I pulled that leg back in. It would have been crushed for sure. I have since added tube doors for everyones safety.


  2. I tried the Safari style as I really liked the looks of it, but found it really didn’t work so well when I was riding the river bottoms. They were caked with mud and the water soaked everything. I don’t mind getting wet but it’s a tad hard to drive with muddy water dripping off your face. I find that the solid door works much better for that area.


  3. I just changed my stock doors for tube doors. I can’t believe the difference in looks between the two. I wish I had done it when I first bought the Jeep 2 years ago, but I didn’t think I would like it. Better late than never.


  4. I’m a guy with limited funds and to me, a door is a door. I have a wish list like most other Jeep owners but I like to spend my money on functional upgrades. I can appreciate the way these doors look on another Jeep but I feel my money is better spent elsewhere.


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