Experienced drivers as well as beginners should all be aware of some common safety tips to follow before and during an off-roading adventure. While every off-roader loves to try new and challenging locations, it is important that safety is also part of that adventure. Here are some tips to help you have a safe and enjoyable adventure.

  •  Always inform someone of your plans. Simply by telling your friends or family where you will be and for how long can help save you if something should go wrong. Providing your friends and family with a day and time that you should be returning from your adventure will help them know if you are late in returning and if they should notify authorities.
  •  Stay in communication as much as possible. Since many trails and off-roading locations tend to offer minimal cell phone coverage, it is recommended that you purchase a satellite radio that will allow you to contact someone if you have had an accident.
  •  Keep a first aid kit. Having a first aid kit in your vehicle while off-roading is very important. You never know when something can happen and you will need something larger than a Band-Aid. Having a first aid kit that contains a mixture of supplies is highly recommended.
  •  Have a proper tool kit. Carrying a tool kit that includes everything needed to fix any minor repairs is highly suggested. If a belt or hose breaks while on the road it is important that you have the proper tools to fix it.
  •  Get plenty of rest. Before you head out on any off-roading adventure you should get plenty of rest. The demands of off-roading can be stressful at times and getting the proper rest before you start will help you deal with the stresses of the road better.
  •  When possible travel in pairs. It is always recommended to travel in pairs in case something happens to either your vehicle or your friends. This will offer you a way to either tow your vehicle or at least get back home.
  •  Know your location. It’s easy to lose track of where you are when off-roading. You may have a general idea, but knowing your location will make it easier for help to find you.

These are some of the general safety guidelines that all off-roaders should be aware of. They will help keep you safe and allow you to have a more pleasant outing.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. All very good points. Sorry to say that I wasn’t following too many of them. Tools, I have. The first aid kit, I just bought, and added a couple of more things to it to boot. Since I’m pretty much of a loner, I never bothered to tell anyone where I was going. I have a cell phone and I figured that was good enough. I did not consider the spotty covereage I would get. Now, I make sure that someone knows, roughly, where I’m going and when to expect me back. Thanks for putting it out there, I needed it.


  2. I nearly LMAO when I saw the cartoon about the BIG tires! When I bought my first Jeep I had it in my head that I would put on the biggest tires I could find. My Dad, God love him, told me that I certainly was not going to. Then he explained all the reasons why that was not a good idea. For once, I listened. I did get bigger tires, but they were not in the too big category. Everyone was happy.


  3. Cute cartoon, but bigger is not always better. I was tempted to go to the biggest tires I could find but I saw another driver who did and decided I could make do with a bit less. I heard him making some disparaging remarks about his choice. He had some really valid points and I took notes. Seems that he’d been having some problems that I don’t care to deal with. The tires look good when the Jeep is parked, but who the hell is looking at it then?


  4. Being off road is relaxing for me. I made the mistake last summer of taking off from work directly after one of the hardest weeks I had ever put in. I was stressed to the max and hadn’t been sleeping well either. To make a long story short, I was not at my peak performance. I made a silly mistake and ended up with a busted axle which put an end to what was supposed to be a recouping weekend. I had to leave the Jeep close to that site and find another way home. I won’t be trying that again.


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