High Performance Air Compressor 5.65 CFM/ 160 LPM by Smittybilt

While off-roading is a fun and exciting way to spend the day, every driver should be prepared for the unexpected. As careful of a driver you might be, you never know what the weather has in store or if there may have been a rock slide on your favorite trail. That is why every off-roader should carry an emergency kit with them on every outing. They may help save you if you should become lost, run out of gas or become stuck.

Some things that you should include in your emergency kit are a spare tire, a hydraulic jack and a first aid kit. A spare tire should routinely be checked to insure that it has the proper amount of air, and if you have recently needed to use your spare tire be sure to replace it in its proper storage space. The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll need your spare and it won’t be in your vehicle. Having a proper working jack also comes in handy when you need to change a tire or lift your vehicle to inspect any damage that may have occurred while off-roading.

A first aid kit is also something that all drivers should carry; you should be prepared in the case of an injury occurring while changing a tire or from a stray rock.

Additional emergency kit items include blankets, water, food, flashlight, compass, duct tape and electrical tape. If you become lost while driving through the winding trails having a compass and map will help you pinpoint your location. If your vehicle becomes damaged and cannot be driven having food, flashlights and water will help make your stay more comfortable. If your vehicle experiences minor damage to a hose having duct tape will allow you to fix it well enough to make it back down the trail.

It is also recommended that every off roader carry with them a fire extinguisher, air compressor or some type of fix-a-flat as well as a shovel and tow rope. In the case of an unexpected fire having a fire extinguisher can help minimize the damage.

Carrying a shovel can also be useful if you happen to find yourself stuck, digging around the stuck tires may help you regain traction and you will be able to free your vehicle.

A tow rope can be used to save yourself or a friend who has become stuck, you will be able to pull them out or you may use the rope to try and free yourself if you become stuck.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I know that each of these items has a value to be considered but there is only so much room to store it all. I usually pick and choose what I take depending on the terrain and time of year. I would like to know the dimensions of the air compressor. I have an air pump but I’m not convinced of it’s abiltiy to be as effective as an air compressor.


  2. It seems like no matter how carefully I plan and pack, there is at least one thing that I end up needing that I don’t have with me. My saving grace is, I don’t travel alone. Usually one of the others has what I need and vice versa.


  3. I’ve been looking at air compressors for a while and just couldn’t decide which one was best for my needs. The Smittybilt was one of the ones I’ve been considering. Since you highlighted it here I’m going to consider it a sign and buy it.


  4. Don’t think you need an emergency off road kit? That’s why they call them emergencies! It’s never anything you planned, but you need to be prepared. Between my buddy and I (we never veer off road alone) we are prepared for just about anything that may come our way. Be realistic in your preparations and you won’t be sorry.


  5. I had a can of fix-a-flat but with the hole I ripped in the tire it was pretty useless. I had taken the spare out to make room for more equipment. I know, dumb idea! Made a long weekend come to an abrupt halt. Next time, the tire gets packed and I’ll do without something else.


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