North Georgia Jeep Cruise and Drive In Movies

For the off-road enthusiasts who in or near the Atlanta area, the Atlanta Jeepers Group is hosting the North Georgia Jeep Cruise and Drive In Movie event on September 24th from 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm. Not only do you have a chance to meet other Jeep lovers in the Georgia area, but you get to enjoy a great movie at the same time. This is a great event and promises to provide everyone with an enjoyable evening.

This is not the only event that the Atlanta Jeepers Group is organizing; they are also planning some upcoming events that will include camping, hiking and some off-roading trips. The group offers a pleasant environment where fans of Jeeps can come together and meet to share tips along with some of their favorite off-road adventures.

There is also another event taking place that weekend sponsored by the Pickens County Georgia Sheriff’s Office; they are organizing a 65 mile Jeep ride to benefit the Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes.

This organization provides support, education, role models and strives to provide a positive influence in the lives of Georgia’s youth.

Registration and start will be at Jasper Jeep at 4:30 pm on Saturday the 24th of September. The ride will include a police escort through the back roads of North Georgia through Pickens, Gilmer and Fannin counties.

The ride ends at the Swan Drive-in located in Blue Ridge where participants will have be rewarded with a relaxing double feature. The registration fee is $20 per vehicle and the entrance fee for the Drive-in ranges from $3 to $5 and the first 100 vehicles to register will receive an awesome T-shirt and all registrants will receive a commemorative decal.

Both of these events promise to be enjoyable and participants are bound to enjoy themselves. If you’re near either event be sure to enjoy yourself and have a safe and fun weekend. The weekend of the 24th promises to be a fun filled one for all off-road enthusiasts in the Georgia area, especially those who love their Jeeps and enjoy talking with people who share the same passion.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


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  2. Sounds like great fun and I must admit that I haven’t been to a drive in a number of years. Both of ours closed and the nearest one is 50 miles away. It would be a bit of a drive but we’re due for some ‘us’ time and this sounds perfect!


  3. What a unique combination of events. I can hardly wait to attend and I’m not sure which part I’m looking forward to more. Some of my best memories from childhood include the neighborhood drive in. It’s been gone for several years, but I still ‘see it’ whenever I pass by. Keep up the good work! I love this site!


  4. I’ll be at my grandson’s 3rd birthday party, but my heart and soul will be at the event. I love my Jeep and off road times and experiences but family comes first.


  5. I can hardly believe my luck. My sister just had a baby and we’re heading out tonight for a trip to see the new off spring and visit with the family. They live on the outskirts of Blue Ridge so we will be right there. I doubt I’ll be able to talk my wife or sister into attending but, I know without asking that my brother-in-law will be ready for a break by then. I haven’t been to a drive in in I don’t remember when. Now, I’m pretty excited about this trip too.


  6. My computer has been on the fritz and I just got it patched up. I wish I had seen this in time to attend. I’d need a day to get there, but by then it will be all over. Technology sometimes leaves a lot to be desired.


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