Canyons Off Road Park

Canyons Off Road Park

Off-road drivers are always looking for some fresh trails to hit, if you live in or near Fredericksburg, TX Canyons Off Road Park is definitely worth checking out.

The park, which opened in 2009, offers plenty of trails and hills for every off-roading fan to enjoy. The park was opened by fellow off-roaders who were tired of seeing their favorite parks closing, the park is located on privately owned land which allows drivers to enjoy their time on the trails without having to worry if they have crossed onto someone else’s property.
The prices are very reasonable for a park of this stature; the weekend rates are $50 for drivers which include camping and $15 for passengers, kids fewer than 12 get into the park for free. If you are only looking to explore for a day the prices are $30 for the driver and $10 for passengers. The park also has items to remember your adventure for sale; after all, don’t all of your off-road adventures deserve to be commemorated.
On October 15th, Canyons Off Road Park will be hosting the 3rd Annual King Of The Canyons Endurance Race which promises to be full of adventure and thrills. For more information on the event you may wish to contact the park or visit their website. If you’re in the area you should definitely check out the event.
Canyons Off Road Park has plenty of land to cover and trails to explore. The park features plenty of rocky terrain for those enthusiasts who enjoy a little climbing fun, as well as, trails that range from beginner to expert. Canyons Off Road Park has something to offer every driver and their passengers. A visit to the park will provide you with hours of fun and some excellent stories to share with your fellow off-road drivers. Remember, if you or any of friends are in the Fredericksburg area to be sure to stop by and check out all of the fun that awaits you at Canyons Off Road Park, the adventures are just waiting to be had by everyone.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Sorry to say I can’t make the October 15 date but I am looking forward to spending at least one day in this park. If it’s as good as you imply, I may have to return for a camping weekend. My boys love to camp and really enjoy being off road with me too. They’re counting down the months until theywill be able to climb behind the wheel and try it themselves.


  2. I’ve spent a couple of weekends at this park with my family this summer and we’ve enjoyed it immensely. The kids love to camp and I enjoy it too. My wife, not so much, but she’s been a good sport about it. What we all love is the off road driving that we get to do. Sometimes she drives, sometimes I drive. The kids direct traffic, or so they like to think. It’s a great place and a wonderful way to get in touch with nature, and each other. Can’t make this particular weekend, but we’ll be back for more.


  3. You’re right, the prices are very reasonable. I’ve been to some parks that were considerably more and I bet they didn’t offer much more than Canyons Off Road Park does. I’m looking forward to the October event.


  4. Texas has some of the best off roading trails of just about any other state. The people are awesome too. Canyons Off Road Park is an experience I love to have over and over. Hope to see all of you there.


  5. Crawling Chaos sounds like a boat load of fun to me. I can’t remember what I did for entertainment before I got into off roading. I must have been bored to tears.


  6. Although I live in Texas, it’s quite a drive to reach this park. I’ve heard good things about it. Maybe over the holidays I’ll take a few additional days off work and check it out for myself. I know I can always count on good things when I visit your site.


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