Off-Roading Driving Tips

Off road driving is an adrenaline pumping, thrilling way to spend a day. For beginners though, the idea of using your brand new Jeep to climb a large pile of boulders may seem a bit daunting; but if the driver has taken the proper steps in becoming familiar with the capabilities and limitations of their Jeep, they will more than likely attempt a climb on a smaller scale and eventually work their way up to larger and more demanding trails.

All drivers, whether they are experienced or just starting out should always inspect their vehicles before setting off on a new adventure. Drivers should inspect their batter to insure that it is properly fastened and insure that all hoses are in proper working condition. Drivers should also check their oil and other fluids to make sure that they are all at the appropriate level. The next thing that drivers will want to look at is the condition of their tires. The tires on your vehicle should be at the proper pressure and should be in good condition.

Once you’re on the trails, you will want to put your vehicle in 4WD whenever you anticipate a situation arising that will require the use of 4WD. It’s important to use 4WD prior to finding yourself in a situation where you may become stuck, it’s much easier to place your vehicle in 4WD prior to becoming stuck, if you become stuck and need to use your 4WD it may be more difficult to engage and provide you with the needed traction.

Drivers should also know that the answer to overcoming obstacles on the course if not always more power and speed. Most of the time drivers will be able to pull themselves out of sticky situations simply by using the lowest gear available. If your vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission, simply letting the clutch out slowly and letting the vehicle crawl will be enough to help you overcome most obstacles on the trail.

Once drivers are finished enjoying the trails they should take a little time and inspect the trail to notice if they have disturbed or caused any damage to the surrounding area. All drivers are responsible for keeping the trails safe and enjoyable for years to come. If we do not take proper care of the trails we use, we may lose them down the road.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. If that is an untouched picture, I’m thinking that guy knows how to have fun. I like all terrains, but mud is the best. The mudding is so intense I’ve started going through the hand held carwash to clean up myJeep as well as myself. I installed an older washer and a shower in the garage because my wife won’t let me walk into the house or bring my clothes in either. It’s OK with me. After I run the clothes through the garage washing machine she really washes them and they come out looking great! She’ll even ride with me as long as I’m not going mudding!


  2. What an awesome picture. The looks like he’s been through the mud pit and looking for more. I never did get into all that. I much prefer the rocks to mud and water. You get dusty but that’s about it.


  3. Looks more like he’s been mud wrestling! I have seen some serious mud coverage after a day off road but I do believe this guy takes the cake. No doubt about the adrenaline high this guy is on.


  4. I’ve gotten pretty muddy after a full day but that guy would have made me look like Mr. Clean on my worst day. I’m thinking that what he had been engaged in would be considered ‘extreme’. Whatever, it sure looks like he’s having the time of his life.


  5. Looks like a manic David Hasselhoff behind that wheel. Hell, maybe it is. I’ve heard he knows how to have fun too. I guess the mud appeals to the little boy in all of us. It’s my favorite terrain. The wife doesn’t like it much cause I’m pretty much of a mess when I get back home. She makes me strip in the garage and shower in the mudroom before I get into the house. No matter, it’s worth it.


  6. Looks like it could be an oil spill catastrophe instead of mud coverage! One thing that is not in question is the look of ecstasy on his face. I know the look, I see it in the rear view mirror every chance I get. Nothing like the thrill it gives. Cleanup is a bear, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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