Colorado Off Road Extreme

Colorado Off Road Extreme Park Map

Colorado Off Road Extreme is an 800 acre off road park that allows trucks, SUV’s, Jeeps and all types of four-wheel drive vehicles. They also allow for the use of rally cars, ATV’s and hill climb cars on the course. The park provides for a legal, private and controlled area for four wheeling enthusiasts to have fun. The park also has a ten mile off road track, mud bogging, a one mile short course track, a two mile rally sprint track, a rally cross track and a rock crawling area. There is something for everyone to enjoy at Colorado Off Road Extreme.

The owner of Colorado Off Road Extreme, Carl Miron, designed the park because of a lack of off-roading parks in the area. He designed a legal and safe location for all of the other off-road enthusiasts in the state to enjoy. The park is located in Deertrail, CO and the cost of admission is $10 per person per day. The park also offers season passes for those who are interested the prices of the season passes are $225 for an individual and $350 for a family.

The park offers trails that range in difficulty from beginner to expert with the appropriate amount of challenges on each trail. Depending on the vehicle you will be driving, there is plenty opportunity for an individual to have an enjoyable and exciting off-roading adventure. If you are visiting or live near Deertrail this is a park that deserves to be visited by every off-road enthusiast. The park promises a fun filled day or weekend for any family.

With the availability of trails for many different types of off roading vehicles no one will feel left out. The park offers an equal amount of fun for ATV riders to Jeep lovers. There is a trail that will test your skill level on any type of vehicle. If you are interested in participating in any of the Desert races or would like to learn how to drive the type of vehicle used in these types of races, Colorado Off Road Extreme offers classes so that beginners can learn the proper way of driving.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. That’s a really reasonable price on the season pass. When you spend as much time off road as we do it will well be worth the investment. We’re on the go 2 or 3 times every month and occasionally we make it every weekend. Twice a year we go for a week at a time. We’re close enough to make this trip in a little over 2 hours. This park offers a variety of terrains too. Just about everything I could hope for.


  2. Somebody did their homework when they planned this park. There really is something for everyone. I’ve been to several of these parks but this is the first I’ve heard of that have a one mile short course track and a two mile rally sprint track. A few of us have been looking for a reason to head west and now I’ve found it.


  3. I spent the first 27 years of my life in Colorado and I’d driven off road almost as much as I do on. Now, I live in Illinois. Flat and boring. Better job, better life, met my wife and have a wonderful baby, but I miss the Colorado off road experience.


  4. Because of our conflicting work schedules my wife and I have to carefully plan our getaways. We want the most bang for our buck and this park surely fits the bill. It’s only a 4 hour drive too. That’s a definite plus. We’ll get back to you after the trip and give you our 2 cents worth of feedback.


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