Off Roading Gift Ideas Under $25.00 dollars

Christmas is just around the corner but it isn’t too late to pick out the perfect gift for your off roader! Granted, I generally speak of mostly Jeep off roading items but we all know there are many types of off roading vehicles out there so I wanted to make sure I included everyone and every type of off roading vehicle driver in my list of gifts you can get for your special off roading enthusiasts.

This list will include gifts and ideas that are under $25.00 for any off road enthusiasts. If you don’t see something on this list, stay tuned because the next several blogs will be gift ideas for any off-roader!

Digital Tire Gauge $12.99:
As every off roader knows, a tire gauge is essential in deflating your tires to the right pressure for the terrain, and then airing back up before hitting the roads home. If your off roader is tired of trying to read the lines that are in 2 pound increments on those pencil tire gauges then this easy to read and accurate digital tire gauges in half-pound increments is for them! Lower the tire pressure for those off-road trips and then accurately re-inflate them to the safe recommended tire pressure for on-road use. These gauges save fuel and extend tire life. Made of high impact plastic.

Jeep Willys Shot Glasses

Crown Automotive Officially Licensed Jeep Willy’s Shot Glasses – Set of four, $14.95

Air Deflator

Air Deflators $15.95
These air deflators are a must have for any trail vehicle. Airing down your tires increases traction and handling when off-road, but can take forever when you are in a hurry. These air deflators make the job easier so you can get out onto the trail. A key chain ring keeps them close at hand. Constructed of zinc plated steel for durability

If you haven’t found just the right gift off this list, more great ideas in upcoming blogs!!!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I added the air deflator to my wish list. Heather is always looking for the unusual to fill my Christmas stocking. It’s a real kick since I’m 32 and my Mom stopped doing a stocking for me when I turned 12. I like the grown up toys a lot better than the fruit and candy from back then.


  2. The digital tire gauge and the air deflator are perfect ‘stocking stuffers’ for my oldest son. Seems like mine is always missing because he has ‘borrowed’ it. Thanks for the ideas.


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