Jeep Suspension Lifts

Suspension lifts are often used by owners who want their Jeeps to look higher off the ground than stock models. While this offers you the ability to personalize your Jeep, it also has benefits for those who choose to take their Jeep off roading.

A suspension lift also accommodates larger sized tires and improves the vehicles off roading ability. Installing a suspension lift on your off roading vehicle can also add greater articulation, ground clearance and allow you to maneuver over larger obstacles.

There are different types of suspension lifts on the market, the most common lift that is used is typically a body lift which adds an additional one to three inches of height to your vehicle. A body lift generally only involves the addition of rubber spacers between the frame mounts and the body. This type of lift does not typically improve the off roading performance of your vehicle or add additional ground clearance. This type of lift is generally used by those who only wish to make their Jeep look better.

If you’re looking to add ground clearance and improve the off roading ability of your vehicle you should consider installing a suspension lift. A suspension lift adds or modifies the majority of the factory suspension in order to add ground clearance and improve approach angles. There are two types of suspension lifts available, the long- arm and the short-arm lifts. A short-arm suspension lift is a basic suspension lift that tends to be relatively inexpensive, but it changes the stock geometry of the vehicle which can affect the ride. A long-arm lift is used when more of the suspension components are to be replaced. This type of suspension lift provides better maneuverability over larger road obstacles.

If you’re mainly interested in adding a lift to fit larger tires onto your vehicle any type of lift will provide you with enough space. The addition of larger tires for vehicles driven off road provide better traction and allow the driver to negotiate larger obstacles such as rocks or trees. The type of lift you install should be based on how you use the vehicle and what types of terrain you drive on the most.

Written by Andrew

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