Texas Trails

One of the best states in the country to get a little trail riding done is the great state of Texas. Of course it helps that the Lone Star State is bigger than a ton of countries, but that doesn’t make it any less cool. If you plan on heading down south check out a few tips on where to get the best bang for your freewheeling experience – not all are Jeep Friendly.

Before we get to the down and dirty of the trails be aware that there are a lot of private off-road parks in Texas that do not allow 4×4 in their parks so make sure you check ahead before you trek all the way down there. All the places we list below are do not appear to allow the 4×4 Jeep crowd access except General Sam’s.

Gulf Coast and North Texas

One of the best places in all of Texas to ride and do other outdoorsy things is a place called Rocky Ridge Ranch, Decatur TX. The ranch is a sprawling, privately-owned plot of land that covers 650 acres. These acres are dotted with steep climbs, tons of crossable water hazards, and tons of jumps. It also offers up both wooded and wide-open spaces. They also offer up camping, fishing and other outdoor activities if you don’t feel like trail riding all day. (For dirt bikes, 3-wheelers, 4-wheelers, ATV’s, Mountain Bikes, and Mini Bikes)

Another great place in northern Texas is called General Sam’s ATV and Off-Road Park, Huntsville Texas, which offers up 705 acres of woods and about 60 miles of trails. They too have camping facilities, a party pavilion, showers for both you and the Jeep and even an air station to ensure properly inflated tires. (For  for A.T.V’s, trucks, jeeps and other offroad vehicles!)

West Texas

People looking for dune riding need to check out two of west Texas best parks. The first one is called Red Sands and it features 20 mile wide dunes in a public/private area that has no regulations. They also offer up camping spots if you feel the urge to pitch a tent for the night. There are no fees to get into this park. (For ATV’s and motorcycles)

The second on is called Kermit Sand Hills has over 700 acres of trails. There is a small fee associated with this park so be prepared to pay that upon arrival, but it is well worth the price. (For ATV’s Buggys, and motorcycles)

Given that both other these parks are in the desert it is imperative that you bring plenty of water or other beverages to help keep you hydrated. There are plenty of days where the temperature is well above the 100 degree mark.

Check back with us and we will give you the lowdown on trails in East Texas and the Panhandle.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

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