How to Remove Sway Bar Links From a Jeep Wrangler

Rear Sway Bar Links for 2007-Up Wrangler JK with 4" Lift by Zone Offroad
Rear Sway Bar Links for 2007-Up Wrangler JK with 4" Lift by Zone Offroad

The sway bar on a Jeep Wrangler was designed to prevent the body of the Jeep from swaying when cornering.  While this may be a good thing for drivers who never take their Wrangler off-road, it can inhibit the performance when off-roading. When off-roading the sway bar doesn’t allow the suspension to fully compress and extend as it was designed to; this can cause the tires of your Wrangler to come up off the ground making for a dangerous situation. If you regularly take your vehicle off-roading you can easily remove the sway bar links to provide better traction and control while on the trails.

To begin you will need to locate the sway bar in the front of your Jeep, it runs parallel with the front axle and can be located directly under the plastic cover on the front bumper. When you have located the sway bar you will need to find the sway bar end links that are used to connect the sway bar to the axle.  After you have successfully located the sway bar and links, your next step will be to find the mounting bolts and remove them. If you discover that the bolts are stuck and will not budge, you can spray them with penetrating fluid to help loosen them up and make them easier to work with.

Now that you have located the mounting bolts and have prepared them for removal by spraying with a penetrating fluid you are now ready to begin removing the bolts. To properly and safely remove the mounting bolts you will need to use a ratchet and socket wrench. Remember there is one bolt on each side, so be sure you remove them all. Next you should remove the nuts that are on the top of the link using the ratchet and socket wrenches and then pull the links away from your Jeep.

After you have safely removed the sway bar links from under your Wrangler you should tie the sway bar using wire ties in order to keep the sway bar from bouncing under the vehicle while you are driving. To properly secure the sway bar you should place a wire tie on each end of the sway bar. Doing this will help keep the sway bar safely secured at all times. Once you removed the sway bar links and secured the sway bar properly you will notice an improvement in how your vehicle handles the next time you go out on the trails.

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Written by Andrew

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