City Livin’

City Livin’

Jeeper's City

Living in the city can put a damper on any off-roader’s day.  Sure the city offers endless entertainment, but there is nothing worse than seeing your precious Wrangler grounded to the terrains of the city streets.  It may be fun in the winter when the small sedans are struggling to get around the snowy streets as you navigate them with no trouble, but your Wrangler was made to navigate the land that takes over when the street ends.  We’ve highlighted some trails to check out in various cities.


Philadelphia Off-road Trail Pine Barrens

The city of brotherly love and home to the world famous Cheesesteak and the historic Reading Terminal also has its share of nearby off-road trails for a Jeep enthusiast to enjoy.  Although these trails are not directly in the city, a quick drive over the bridge to New Jersey will give your Wrangler that tough terrain it desperately craves.  The Pine Barrens offers riders over 500 miles of unpaved roads.  If you are in the Philadelphia area you should venture over to Jersey and check these trails out!


Badlands Jeep Trail

The windy city, famous for Pizza and Steakhouses, is a beautiful place to live.  You have the beaches of Lake Michigan to spend a hot summer day on, but what about us Wrangler owners that want to take our Jeeps’ for a much needed adventure?  Although it is a bit of a distance from Chicago (almost three hours), the Badlands are a must-experience location for off-road enthusiast.  Spend a weekend here and navigate the 700 acres of land available.


Rubicon Jeep at Evan's Creek ORV Park near Seattle

Known for its famous Fish Market, rainfall and the earthquake caused by the Marshawn Lynch Touchdown run in 2011, Seattle also has its fair share of off-road destinations.   If you are looking for a destination not too far from the city, you will want to check out Evans Creek ORV Park.  With trails of varying difficulty, Evans Creek is sure to please anyone from a novice off-road driver to us die hard enthusiast.

Every city has its fair share of off-roading parks relatively close to it.  For more information on trails and parks near you visit

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

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