A Jeep Engine CAN Last Forever…

Old WWII Jeep

Well, maybe not THAT long, but we all know you can’t beat a Jeep engine to death and here’s the secret to ensuring your Jeep lasts as long as you do. Most engines that come stock on all makes and models of Jeep Wranglers, CJS and Cherokees are great engines that only need a little tweaking to make them just right for those tough trail rides.  Below are a few tips on parts and pieces that will help enhance and protect your Jeep’s engine and keep it running strong well over that intimidating 100 thousand mile mark.

Tune Up Kit

One of the easiest ways to enhance an older engine in the comforts of your own garage is to buy a tune up kit.    A good tune-up kit will include a new oil filter and/or inline filter if your engine needs one.  The kits will also include:  an air filter, ignition wire set, distributor rotor, spark plugs and a point set (if needed).   Most of these kits are great even if you don’t have an automotive engineering degree.

 Jeep Tune-up Kit

Chips and Tuners

Another easy way to get the most out of your Jeep Wrangler or Jeep Cherokee engine is to buy a chip or a tuner for your vehicle.  These things hook up to your engine and allow you to control and adjust tons of different things that will help you get the power you need when you need it.   They are available for most Jeep models.

Jeep Wrangler handheld Tuner

Fuel Injectors

Another easy step to making sure your engine has the power it needs is to switch out your old fuel injectors for a new set.  Fuel injectors get beat up pretty easily and can cause misfires which can lead to bad fuel mileage or loss of power.  They are pretty inexpensive to buy and are relatively easy to install.  You will be surprised how much a little injector will help with overall power.

Jeep Fuel Injector

Intake Kits

Stock Jeep vehicles come with decent intake kits, but they are made more for highway driving than trail riding.  Updating with a new air intake system can help keep your engine running perfectly and many of they will give a huge uptick in overall horsepower.  Some of the systems can boost the power by 18hp.  Who doesn’t need 18 more horses under the hood?

Jeep Intake Kit

These are just a few easy tips that will help boost overall power on Jeep Wranglers, Jeep Cherokees and even Jeep CJs.  Stock engines are okay, but finely tuned and enhanced engines are much better and will last a LOT longer!


How many miles do you eexpect your Jeep to last?

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

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