REVIEW: RedRock 4×4 Rocker Guards for Jeep Wrangler TJ


As soon as we brought in these new rocker guards by RedRock 4×4, I was excited to install a set on my Jeep TJ.  They lived up to my expectations and more.

RedRock 4×4 makes Performance and Styling Parts for On and Off-Road exclusively for and the RedRock 4×4 Rocker Guards for the Jeep TJ fit the bill exactly.  Not only do the rocker guards provide protection from rocks when off-road, but they double as step to help you and your passengers get into and out of your lifted Jeep.  The best part is, they do all of this in an aggressive and rugged package that looks great.

These rocker guards are built from 1.75″ diameter heavy duty tubing that has a 0.12″ wall thickness.  They are protected by a durable textured powder coat finish that looks great and will hold up to whatever abuse you through at it.  If you do manage to leave some of the finish on the rocks, the steps are stainless steel so rusting won’t be an issue.

Being that these Rocker Guards bolt to the frame, they may not handle as much of a beating as the rocker protection that bolts through the body.  However if you’re like me and you cringe at the thought of drilling through your tub, you’re willing to make that trade-off for ease of install.  If you don’t even want to drill the frame of your Jeep to install these rocker guards you can use squared off U-bolts around the frame to attach them.   However this method may not give you as much strength as drilling and using the provided self taping hardware would.  One thing to note is that the factory front fender flare extensions will need to be removed to install the rocker guards, and they can’t be re-installed without modification.

I was very impressed by both the fit and finish of these rocker guards.  They were easy to install and look great while provide the step and rocker protection I was looking for.  RedRock 4×4 prides themselves on offering a well built product at a great price and these rocker guards were certainly built with those atributes in mind.


Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

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