Jeep Wrangler Zombie

Mods to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Jeep Wranglers are extremely tough machines that can take you through some pretty serious terrain. Unfortunately a stock Wrangler may not be properly equipped to handle a zombie apocalypse and will need some mods to ensure your survival in a battle against the undead. If you want to survive the war against the undead you need to be able to keep moving, defend against zombies, repair your vehicle and crush those flesh munching infections into mulch. Here’s the Jeep parts you’ll need to do it.

Stay Nimble and Mobile

In an apocalypse there will likely be a lot of issues with traveling on the main roads including abandoned vehicles, possible hordes of zombies, bandits and more, making it a good idea to be prepared to leave the roads and get your Wrangler dirty. Obviously the stock Wrangler can handle some rough terrain but you never know what you might run into, meaning a lift and some nice tires are in order. With a 4 inch lift, locking differential, and 35 inch mud terrain tires, you will be able to get through just about anything, including a large pile of zombies. A snorkle would also be a good investment just in case you need to cross a river, just don’t forget to extend your transmission and differential breathers. It’s a lot easier to crush a moving target like the zombified teenagers down the street from you who never really understood the meaning of “please stay off my lawn” anyway.

Armor Up, Buttercup

When it comes to armoring your Wrangler against zombies, the main places that could use protection are the bumpers, undercarriage, rocker panels and fenders because they will be getting the most impacts when you are plowing through piles of moving zombies. Skid plates are extremely important because you don’t want things like your engine, transmission, or differentials getting damaged by rocks or piles of zombies. If you want some great rocker guards the Rugged Ridge RRC black rocker guards are tough, work as a step, and will protect your rocker panelswrangler-lifted from rocks and the heads of the zombies you run over. Now if you are going to be mowing down a bunch of zombies you will want a strong bumper that will protect your wrangler. The Rugged Ridge XHD modular bumper with the RRC mount pre runner guard would work great for plowing through them and pushing them down so you can drive right over them. This bumper also has a built in winch mount which is extremely useful since you may need a winch to help another survivor get their Land Rover unstuck.

Accessorizing Isn’t Just For Johnny Depp

There are certain parts and accessories that are almost essential, including lights, tools, a CB radio, a jack and a fuel can. Unfortunately, unlike zombies, humans do not have very good night vision, so if we don’t want to be a midnight snack we need to have lights to see where we are going. During the apocalypse you might need to travel at night, so off-road lights and upgraded headlights are very important. After a while we will lose power and not long after that cellular networks will go down, however if you have a CB radio you will be able to communicate with other survivors near you. The Cobra 25LX CB radio supports 40 channels and has a diagnostic function to ensure that you won’t be out of the loop making it an invaluable tool. If you want to make sure you can power all of your accessories and not have to worry about a dead battery, you should invest in a dual battery kit or a tough battery. If you don’t drive a Wrangler with a manual transmission or are by yourself on a flat surface, you may end up having a pretty bad day with a dead battery and some zombies. Optima yellow top batteries are about as tough as they come, they can act as both a deep cycle battery and a starting battery, they are spill proof, and last 3 times longer than regular lead acid batteries making it a perfect battery for a zombie apocalypse.

Essential Tools and of Course, Weapons

In addition to your basic hand tools and air tools, you will need a strong jack that will be able to lift your survival vehicle. Hi-Lift jacks are trusted by off-road enthusiasts and Wrangler owners everywhere and every Jeep that plans on going off the beaten trail should have one. If a jack is strong enough to stand up to the torture of the trails, it is more than likely strong enough to last through the zombie apocalypse. If you want to survive the zombie apocalypse it is extremely important to have guns and ammunition. For your ammo you will want an ammo can and for your guns you should have somewhere to mount them so they are within reach when you have a zombie eyeing you up as a midday snack. The wrangler-gun-rackQuick-Draw overhead gun rack for tactical weapons is designed to keep two of your full size guns within arms reach so you can blast away at the zombies that get in your way. This method is slightly more practical than mounting an M2 Browning or a minigun to your roll cage, but if you have BOTH, then you are in business, my friend.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll have a fully capable zombie killing machine that is equally capable of wheeling a few trails as you head into the abyss. You need to take your newly minted survival Jeep and the dangers that lay ahead seriously, one fatal mistake and your moaning and groaning will indicate a lot more than a dented fender to those not yet infected!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

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