Jeep JK Wrangler at SEMA

The 5 Most Modified Wranglers of SEMA 2014

The annual Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show is home to some of the wildest automobiles on the planet. The 2014 show was no exception. Here are the 5 most modified Wranglers of the show.

1. Ready for Battle Wrangler

The Ready For Battle Jeep Wrangler at SEMA 2014

It seems these days that nearly everyone is building a Zombie Apocalypse Wrangler. These trucks normally have a small assortment of modifications. Taking this concept to the next level is this ready for battle Wrangler. This Wrangler would Grenade Shifter in the Ready For Battle Jeep Wrangler at SEMAbe ideal for not only a Zombie Apocalypse, but also a desert assault in the Middle East. One of the modifications that stand out has to be the gun turret on top of the cab.

This gun turret looks incredibly realistic and straight from a military arms depot. Other cool things are the grenade mounted shifter, rear seat gun rack, netting on the doors and the seats. All in all, it is a complete package with lots of goodies.

2. Tomahauk Military Wrangler


Like our first modified Wrangler, this military-like Jeep takes the whole military/Zombie Apocalypse concept to a whole new level. Built by the Hauk Design team (known for the River Runner), this Tomahauk Wrangler always had a crowd Tomahauk Jeep Wrangler at SEMAaround it and it is easy to see why. The attention to detail is simply amazing. There are so many items to look over it is hard to list them all.

Our favorites are the guns mounted on the hood, the star on the door, the bombs on the rear and the entire rear end complete with the airplane fuel only sign.

3. 6X6 Jeep Expedition Wrangler


What’s better than 4 wheels? 6! This 6×6 Jeep Wrangler with custom pull behind features lots of modifications for your next long-haul adventure. JK6 builds the vehicle and says it has 1,000 mile range between fuel stops. It comes with 6 38” Jeep-Expedition-Wrangler-SEMA-02tires and a 6.1L HEMI engine pushing out 425 HP. There is also a custom rear cover to haul your gear instead of using the trailer.

4. Jeep Off-Road Pickup?!?


Apparently, some Wrangler fans just can’t wait for the company to offer a pickup. For example, this red Jeep Wrangler single (extended?) cab pickup. It has some serious off-road modifications and tires along with a bed. It is a win-win-win.Jeep-Wrangler-pickup-truck-SEMA-02 The Jeep Wrangler pickup looks like it has a 3-4 foot bed complete with a metal rack to stop debris from sliding into the cab.

It does look like the Wrangler is an extended cab with an additional window after the front windows. Up close, the modifications and welding lines look great and the fit and finish is really good. While the pickup idea isn’t for everyone, the gold colored rims are definitely polarizing. Overall, there were a few Jeep Wrangler pickups, but this one was the wildest.

5. Extreme Off-Road Wrangler


Taking a stroll down the “Baja” section of SEMA, you can pick out a dozen extreme off-road and desert runner Wranglers. These machines are made for speed and articulation. Most of these Jeeps have custom fender and body modifications, upgraded shocks and roll cages and modified axels with drool-worthy wheel setups. On the inside, the interiors look vaguely like a Wrangler with a collection of accessories dominating the appearance.

Each of these Jeep Wranglers is ready to rip up the desert at a high-rate of speed. Overall, the 2014 SEMA show had dozens upon dozens of Jeep Wranglers to drool over.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

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