1973 Super Jeep at SEMA

The Rare 1973 Super Jeep That Stole The Show At SEMA

In the midst of a show full of seriously modified Jeeps with large tires and off-road accessories galore, sat an unassuming 1973 Super Jeep. This super rare Jeep was found and cleaned up just for this show. What makes this Jeep so special? It has a pretty interesting back story and is one of only a few hundred that were produced.

History of the Super Jeep

Back in the 1970s, Jeep was expanding its lineup to include more models aimed at off-road enthusiasts. This expansion resulted in the Jeep Renegade of the early 70s being offered. The Renegade caught on big time, much to the surprise/delight of Jeep officials.

As the story goes, the rampant success actually created a parts problem. The Renegade used special alloy wheels and there supply was simply limited. Enter the Super Jeep. This model was Jeep’s response to the supply problem. They hoped with special graphics and two-tone seats and other goodies, customers would opt for the Super Jeep. This would reduce the demand on the Renegade.

Jeep also added a white soft top, white dash pad and white sun visors. It also had rubber fender extensions, a roll bar and a curved chrome front bumper. It was offered with a standard 258-cu.in., six-cylinder. There was an optional 304-cu.in. V-8. Both engines were mated to a heavy-duty four-speed transmission.

Easy to Replicate, Hard to Find

One of the things making the Super Jeep a rare find is that Jeep didn’t modify the VIN numbers for them. This means, there is really no way of knowing which 1970s Jeep is a Super Jeep or simply a run-of-the-mill model . Ultimately, it makes searching for one nearly impossible.

Plus, with the short list of modifications, anyone could throw stripes on it and call it a Super Jeep. Yet, Dave Logan, product manager at Jeep reproduction parts house Omix-ADA was able to locate one. “The only way to positively identify one is through documentation,” Logan said, according to a Hemmings.com article. “Fortunately for us, we were able to trace the history of ours and we have pre-restoration pictures of it with the stripes.”

Omix-ADA then worked to have the 304-powered Super Jeep restored and replaced several items to make it more authentic. At the show, the Super Jeep was surrounded by a variety of historic CJ jeeps. While, it may have blended into the background during the madness of the SEMA show, it stood out to true Jeep aficionados.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

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  1. …there is really no way of knowing which 1970s Jeep is a Super Jeep or a simple Wrangler…

    Because there were no Wranglers in the 1970’s.


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