Santa in a Wrangler!

Santa’s Rig: If Santa’s Sleigh Were A Wrangler

Everyone knows that Santa has a lot of places to go in one night, that’s why he can’t afford to be without transportation. Fortunately he doesn’t have to worry about that with his flying reindeer, however, if the reindeer decide to take the night off, he has to go with plan B. This is where a Jeep Wrangler would likely come into play. A Jeep JK Unlimited is going to be the best stand in sleigh thanks to the unmatched off-road performance, the removable hardtop and durability you get with a Wrangler, something other off-road vehicles can’t replicate.

Modding Santa’s Wrangler

When you need to get around the world in one night, it would be really bad if you were to get stuck. A stock Wrangler is able to go just about anywhere with ease, but it would have difficulties navigating the diverse terrain this world offers. Santa should add a lift kit to increase ground clearance and flex room along with bigger tires to allow the Jeep to tackle even tougher terrain that he may encounter on his trip. Aftermarket bumpers for extra protection, this will help prevent damage and will provide great recovery points that can be used alongside a winch for self recovery.

Wrangler in Snow
Wrangler in Snow

Now, without Rudolph he will need some powerful off-road lights to guide his sleigh at night. By adding a supercharger to his Wrangler, it will help ensure it will have extra power and speed to handle whatever terrain it comes across. All of these mods would make it much easier to make his long trip in time.

Santas Wrangler vs Santas Sleigh

Now a sleigh is great but its not as awesome as a Jeep, however they do have a few things in common; they are both able to be topless, they both are amazing in the snow, and they both come in red! Having a removable top allows for Santa’s giant bag of toys to be put in the back without worrying about squeezing it all inside.

Santas Sleigh
Santas Boring Old Sleigh

One useful thing his sleigh probably doesn’t have is a heater. With a Jeep JK Unlimited that is equipped with a freedom top you can remove the rear section of the top and leave the front panels in place. Why this is important is that if the front panels are left in place and the full doors are left in place, by adding only a windbreaker behind the front seats you can create a cab that is able to seal in a large chunk of the heat that the Jeep is pumping out. Now as every Wrangler owner knows, the heaters that are in these vehicles are practically bullet heaters so even with the leakage from around the windbreaker there should be no issue staying warm.

Santas Red Rig

Red Jeep Back Open
Could this be what Santas Wrangler looks like?

Its fun to imagine what a Jeep Wrangler owned by the jolly man himself would look like. A slick red jacked up off-road machine with an overhead light bar and a powerful red fog light on the front. No matter what Santa decides to do to his Wrangler its no doubt that it will be a great choice that will serve him well and make all of us Jeep enthusiasts grin.

What mods do you think Santa would absolutely need?

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. For starters it is going to need 37″ GY Duratracks for all around traction since he will be in every type of terrain. E Lockers with 5:13 gears, Dana 60 axles and over sized brake rotors for the extra weight and hard landings on short roofs. On Board air since he can’t risk using a service station. A global GPS system. 12K Lb winch with synthetic rope.


  2. He will need some gas can mounts becuase a Jk with that capablite is going to suck down some fuel going across the world in one night


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