Jeep Wrangler in the snow

New Mammoth Off-road Boulder Wheels

Lift kits, light bars and custom paint all make a Jeep Wrangler unique, but don’t forget the wheels. If you really want to customize your ride, drop the stock and add an aftermarket rim like those from Mammoth. Extreme Terrain is pleased to announce 6 new rims for 2007-15 Wrangler JK models. Here is what you need to know.

6 New Rims

Our new selection of aluminum alloy rims are a unique design built specifically for 2007-15 Jeep Wranglers. These rims have the back spacing, size and lug pattern to fit flawlessly. All the rims have an aggressive five-spoke style with a one-piece aluminum construction and a 5×5 bolt pattern.

The new rims come in these different styles and all feature a matching Mammoth center cap:

Mammoth Boulder Charcoal Wheel

Mammoth Boulder Charcoal Wheel1

Cast from aluminum, these 17×9 wheels offer a one-piece design with superior strength without additional weight. Finished with a durable matte charcoal finish, they provide a great value and an aggressive off-road look.

Mammoth Boulder Beadlock Style Charcoal Wheel

Mammoth Boulder Beadlock Charcoal Wheel

With an aluminum cast, these 17×9 wheels provide superior strength with less weight. They are coated with a durable a charcoal power coat finish and featured a polished simulated beadlock lip for an aggressive off-road look.

Mammoth Boulder Black Wheel

Mammoth Boulder Black Wheel

Made from aluminum, these 16×8 wheels offer more strength with less weight than a traditional steel rim provides. Coated in a durable matte black finish, this wheels give a rugged off-road appearance with a low price point.

Mammoth Boulder Beadlock Style Black Wheel

Mammoth Boulder Beadlock Black Wheel

These aluminum-cast 16×8 wheels provide superior strength with a lighter weight versus steel wheels. The matte black finish is durable and combined with a polished simulated beadlock lip creates an aggressive off-road style.

Mammoth Boulder Beadlock Style Silver Wheel

Mammoth Boulder Beadlock Silver Wheel

Made from high strength and lighter than steel aluminum, these 16×8 wheels have a protective high-gloss finish with a polished simulated beadlock lip. The finish protects the wheels from stone chips, pitting and abrasive damage. Also, unlike polished aluminum, the finish resists unwanted wear and won’t tarnish. The simulated beadlock lip creates a bold off-road appearance.

Mammoth Boulder Silver Wheel

Mammoth Boulder Silver Wheel

These 16×8 aluminum wheels offer a protective high-gloss finish protecting it from stone chips, pitting and abrasive damage. The high-gloss finish is different than polished aluminum in that it won’t tarnish or require extra work to keep it from unwanted wear. Also, the aluminum construction allows them to be strong without the extra weight from steel.

Prices start at $179.99 and up.

All wheels comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

About Mammoth

Mammoth 4x4

Mammoth builds aftermarket parts to handle the off-road trail use with products surpassing OEM specifications. This gives the consumer outstanding quality and long-lasting durability.

Besides wheels, Mammoth offers a lift kits and leveling kits. Their steel and wheel assortment is available for all YJ, TJ and JK Jeep Wranglers.


Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

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