2016 SEMA 1966 CJ66 Wrangler

Jeep Builds A One-Off CJ-6 On A Wrangler Frame

Jeep built a one-off modern day 1966 CJ-6 based off of a TJ Wrangler frame and it looks incredible. Somewhat of a Frankenstein creation, this modern CJ-6 dubbed the “CJ-Sixty Six” borrows parts from a range of models produced by FCA to create a jaw-dropping, SEMA-worthy creation that will resonate with Jeep Fans everywhere.

Jeep CJ-66 Specs and Mods

This isn’t your father’s CJ-6 Jeep as it has been extensively modified with the best of the best from 1966 CJ66 Jeep SEMA WranglerFCA. This CJ-6 Jeep features a modern HEMI V8 that delivers a world of torque and power to the wheels. Backed up by a six-speed manual transmission, the power is transferred to a pair of Mopar Dana 44 crate axles that have been taken from a 2003-2006 Wrangler Rubicon.

All of this power is put to the trail via a set of 17″ beadlock Jeep wheels that are wrapped in 35″ BFG All-Terrain Tires. With a 2″ lift kit, this CJ jeep has the clearance and stance that is perfect to take on the trail.

This one-off build also features JK Wrangler Bumpers from the 10th anniversary model, as well as a non-production Jeep hood that have two huge vents. It is slightly reminiscent of the JL Wrangler Hood that was shipped to a JK owner by mistake. The CJ-66 also uses JK Wrangler LED headlights and a set of custom wrangler fender flares for this totally unique look.

As for the interior, this 2016 rendition of a 1966 CJ-6 uses Dodge Viper seats, a contemporary JK Wrangler center console, and a custom steering wheel.

The CJ-66 Body and Frame

As mentioned earlier, Jeep used a 1997-2006 TJ Wrangler Jeep Body to build this work of art on top1966 CJ6 2016 SEMA Jeep Concept of. The body itself is from a CJ-6 Jeep, which is a given considering it’s name. However, it appears slightly longer than your standard CJ-6 or TJ Wrangler, leading many to believe that they used a TJ Unlimited chassis and tweaked parts of the CJ’s body to give it a longer appearance.

This is without a doubt one of the coolest builds Jeep has done in a while; they could sell this as the next generation 2018 JL Wrangler and I would head down to the dealership today to buy one. However, this will have to live on as a Jeeper’s fantasy until next year, when Jeep will undoubtedly raise the bar once again with another new concept.

How much would you love to take this thing on the trail? Comment your thoughts below!

One comment

  1. That is the coolest jeep combination I have seen in years. It looks like a lot of fun to take on the trail and put it through its paces. I bet it could outdo some of the modern jeeps


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