2018 Wrangler Break Down

2018 JL Wrangler Breaks Down During Testing

Among all the scrutiny the new upcoming 2018 JL Jeep Wrangler has faced in the last couple of months, a recent break down incident is probably the last bit of press that Jeep would have wanted leaked.

The heavily camouflaged two door prototype was spotted having mechanical issues during a test run. The Jeep was quickly placed on a flat-bed tow truck and taken away. The short incident however gave us another glimpse of the upcoming two-door version JL Wrangler, which hadn’t been seen much until now.

The outline of the prototype continues the overall assumption that the upcoming Wrangler’s shape will continue to be a body on frame design and will remain relatively recognizable to enthusiast with some noticeable changes like a slightly larger front bumper and raked windshield.

JL Wrangler Windshield

The raked windshield confirms earlier reports of the upcoming redesign, and hood bumps peeking through the camouflage indicate that the windshield will be able to fold down like all the previous generations. The raked design however is an important indicator of Jeep’s attempt to make the Wrangler slightly more aerodynamic and improve gas mileage.

2018 JL Wrangler Being TowedWhat Engine Was In This Prototype?

Along with a raked windshield, it’s also rumored that Jeep will launch with the current V6 Pentastar engine, a fuel efficient 4-cylinder turbo and a highly-anticipated diesel, all of which are designed to improve MPG stats across the board. Although it’s difficult to tell which engine was in this prototype, we can see that it’s sporting the current generation Rubicon wheels, which could indicate that it’s also running the current V6 Pentastar engine.

Another photo reveals a possible bulge in the hood, which could indicate a possible turbo engine. Whichever engine it’s running, it’s difficult to say what caused the unfortunate incident on the side of a public road.

Why This Isn’t A Huge Deal

Although the recent incident isn’t ideal press for the upcoming Jeep, it’s important to note that breakdowns during product testing isn’t uncommon. Manufacturers use this R&D time to test and perfect manufacturing and engineering plans.

During that process, it’s highly likely that something can go wrong and it often does. However, with eight months left until a November launch, this incident isn’t reassuring for a manufacturer that has been known to have mechanical issues during manufacturing, like the initial launch of the Pentastar engine with the 2012 JK model.

What do you think went wrong during testing? Comment your thoughts below!

Images from Chris Doane – Website | Facebook

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