4 Mods You Need To Make On Your JK Wrangler

So you just bought a brand new JK Wrangler and it’s staring you in the face, begging to be modded and wheeled. The question is, where do you start modding?

A stock JK Wrangler—a blank canvas riddled with potential—offers you the possibility of modding your ride however you want thanks to an expansive and growing aftermarket. The trouble is, it can be hard to find your starting point with your build. Faced with thousands of options, new Wrangler owners often don’t know where to turn first or have a hard time figuring out where to go with their build.

While you will ultimately have to make the final call on what to mod your JK with, we can point you in the right direction to help get you started on your modding adventure, calling out key components you’ll want to consider.

Armor – Protecting the Rig


While the JK is quite a capable off-roader right off the showroom floor, if not properly protected it can take a beating on the trail. Keeping your rig protected will prevent unnecessary wear and tear, which is why adding armor should be an early step in your modding process. Things like corner guards, skid plates, and rock sliders will protect your JK from obstacles you are crawling over or around such as rocks, tree branches and stumps, while also giving your Jeep a more custom look.

Bumpers – From Front to Back


Bumpers are one of the key building blocks to any Wrangler as they can serve a variety of purposes on your vehicle such as offering hook up points for recovery, mounting a winch, or carrying a tire. A Jeep’s bumper is one of the most important and versatile components as bumpers are made to take a battering on the trail while also performing whatever their secondary function may be. The bumpers you add to your Jeep will really help to define your overall build in its looks as well as its purpose.

Lights – Seeing Clearly


The stock lights on a Wrangler tend not to be the best at fully illuminating the trail or road ahead of you, which is why many enthusiasts choose to upgrade theirs. Adding a bright LED light bar or some square 3” lights is good starting point for any build as they will make a night and day difference (no pun intended). Having a set of bright lights, like those offered by Raxiom, will ensure that you see all the obstacles ahead of you, on or off road.

Winches – Saving Grace


Getting stuck is part of Jeep ownership and will happen to you at least once, which is why it is crucial to have a winch on your rig. Having a winch on your rig means that no matter if you are alone or with a group, you can pull yourself, or a fellow Jeeper, out of whatever situation you or they crawled into. Winches come in a variety of different options from weight limit to rope types and assisting technology, which you will have to weigh out, but the important thing is having one in your time of need.

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