Jeep Wrangler Rock Crawling

Bumper & Winch Pairings For Your JK

Configuring a strong bumper and winch combination on your Jeep keeps you in control of any situation, from your Wrangler sliding into a ditch beside an icy winter road or getting bogged down in a mud hole on a back country trail. Rather than waiting for an expensive tow (possibly for hours) a good bumper and winch combo frees your Jeep fast, launching you back into action whether you’re headed to the grocery store or seeking out new horizons.

Mild Setup – Daily Drivers

Extreme recovery situations are rare when you use your Jeep for everyday driving – a decent, inexpensive bumper and winch will get you or your neighbor out of the ditch just fine. Rough Country Bumper Caps give you the bonuses of a stubby bumper without the cost – just trim down the stock bumper, attach these caps, and you’ve upgraded your JK Wrangler with improved tire clearance and hard-hitting good looks.

Adding a Rough Country Winch Mounting Plate is a thrifty option for making your factory bumper able to support a starter winch like the Barricade Off-Road 9,500-lb Winch, which comes with a roller fairlead, steel cable, and cable hook that handle most street and road recoveries smoothly. This setup empowers you to handle everything from getting high centered on the trail to extracting your Jeep from a roadside snow bank, without breaking the bank.



Intermediate Setup –  Weekend Warrior

If you’re a weekend Jeeper looking for a budget-friendly but effective setup for your Wrangler, this combo offers a stronger than stock bumper that withstands the occasional rock or stump without getting damaged, plus a good quality winch “just in case” you get stuck. Replacing your factory bumper with the Barricade Off-Road Extreme HD Front Bumper gives you a tough, heavy-duty upgrade with highly useful features like a built-in winch plate, recovery points and a bumper hoop.

Your factory fog lights still work with this Barricade Off-Road part, as do LED fog lights of the same size. Throw in a Rugged Ridge Performance 8,500-lb Off-Road Winch – featuring a much safer, lighter synthetic rope that takes the hassle out of winching

. This setup ensures you can free your Jeep fast from a hole or high center and get to your favorite camping spot with plenty of time to spare, and that you’ll get home punctually on Sunday night so you’re ready for the coming week.



Hardcore Setup – For The Toughest Trails

If no holds barred off-road action is what you enjoy—having your Jeep spend more time splashing through mud and sliding over rocks than cruising the streets, a hardcore winch and bumper load out gives you the uncompromising recovery performance you need. The Rugged Ridge XHD Front Bumper Kit is a great foundation for a rough-and-tough setup, coming with stubby bumper ends for maximum tire clearance and featuring a modular design so you can customize it to exactly match your trail-conquering style.

This winch-ready bumper includes D-rings and a hoop over rider to shield both the grille and the winch. The high-capacity Engo 10,000-lb 12-Volt Electric Winch, featuring a professional-grade synthetic rope that’s safer to use than metal as it won’t hurt anyone if it breaks, plus it is easier to pull up a hill and can extract heavier-than-stock modded Wranglers from even most difficult predicaments. Add both these components to your Jeep and you’ve got a winning formula for any off-road challenge or wheeling adventure!




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