Revealed: 2018 JL Wrangler – What’s New and What’s Not

This year’s SEMA event was exciting for current and future Wrangler owners. Jeep revealed more details of the upcoming redesigned JL Wrangler, along with press release photos and performance parts that finally confirmed significant rumors. Here are some important takeaways.

How Did Our Renders & Guestimates Stack Up?

We’ve published an article detailing several important possible changes on the upcoming JL Wrangler, and after the recent releases from Jeep at SEMA, this is how we came out.

  • Ordering and production dates: The estimated ordering dates of November are holding true, ordering banks have opened up and you can currently place an order for a 2018 JL. Production dates of mid-November are also trending to be accurate.
  • Most anticipated parts: Although none of the actual JL parts have been confirmed, things like wheels, lifts, bumpers, and lighting have always been primary items in the aftermarket world and the new JL Wrangler still seems to fall in line with that trend.
  • Significant exterior changes: Several early rumors of a redesigned grille and lighting along the fenders turned out to be all true. In addition, the windshield is also angled and still foldable. The official press release photos from Jeep show JL Wrangler models with these changes along with side fender inlets and larger wheel openings.
  • Powertrain changes: All the rumored engines and transmissions turned out to be correct, with the introduction of the diesel and turbo engines looking to take the spotlight. Earlier rumors of the elimination of a manual transmission were later changed and now confirmed as an available option in 2018. Along with Jeep’s 8-speed ZF-sourced automatic transmission, which will be made available for all JL trim options.
  • Top options: The top options are still pending release, but if the rumors hold true, there will be several exciting options to choose from, including a powered soft top.
  • Interior makeover: The press release photos didn’t show clear confirmed details of the interior, but recent spy photos still confirm a noticeable change to the interior, which continues to include a new infotainment system with a large touch-screen display and a variety of comfort improvements that include push-start ignition. The press-release photos also confirm keyless entry door handles, which in turn confirm the push-start ignition option.

How will the Aftermarket World React?

Aftermarket tuners were excited at this year’s SEMA convention after Jeep released more official details on the upcoming JL Wrangler. Jeep’s Performance Parts division themselves introduced a variety of new parts available to the JL Wrangler at launch. These parts help confirm rumored changes like Jeep’s decision to retain the solid axle which means components like suspensions might only need slight changes to current products. This ensures a faster development time and release of new products. Given the new engine options, aftermarket parts like exhausts and engine tuning might need more time for design and development and could be expected to release later in the year. In addition, exterior and interior changes will also have aftermarket tuners exploring new modification ideas for Jeepers.

Win Two 2018 JL Wranglers

Now that we’ve discussed all the exciting updates with the upcoming 2018 JL Wrangler, we’re offering a chance to win TWO of these exciting new Jeeps. A four-door version decked out with parts from Deegan 38 and a two-door version filled with parts from Barricade Off-Road. You can enter once a week, and the winner will be announced 11/24/17. Click here to enter and for more details.

There’s no doubt SEMA delivered some excitement this year for potential JL Wrangler owners. Although the official released information from Jeep was limited, the content proved to be incredibly important, confirming vital information rumored at for the past year. We continue to receive additional leaks from our friends at the JL Wrangler Forum, so check back with us for more information as it’s released.

Photos courtesy of Jeep.


  1. Still driving my 5 year old Jeep Wrangler. Planning to trade in for a new one like this beauty right here. Very reliable Jeep. Family drives this over rough terrain to get to the lake for a picnic. We just throw in a couple of premium auto trunk organizer and you are good to go.


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