Wrangler Myths

Wrangler Myth Busters

There are many reasons to make modifications to your Wrangler – looks, off-road capabilities, resolving an issue and/or replacing broken or faulty parts. When making mods you’ll want to make sure you’re getting your information from a trusted source, as there is tons of mis-leading information out there. We took the time to debunk some of the most common Wrangler myths.

Santa in a Wrangler!

Santa’s Rig: If Santa’s Sleigh Were A Wrangler

Everyone knows that Santa has a lot of places to go in one night, that’s why he can’t afford to be without transportation. Fortunately he doesn’t have to worry about that with his flying reindeer, however, if the reindeer decide to take the night off, he has to go with plan B. This is where a Jeep Wrangler would likely come into play. A Jeep JK Unlimited is going to be the best stand in sleigh thanks to the unmatched off-road performance, the removable hardtop and durability you get with a Wrangler, something other off-road vehicles can’t replicate.

Obstacles to Off-roading – Why Some People Just Don’t Wheel

Wrangler Wheeling Through MudBelieve it or not, there are thousands of Jeep Wrangler’s sold each year to people who have ZERO plans to go off-road. In this case the Wrangler will sadly spend more time at a kid’s soccer game than on a dirt trail or climbing rocks. Absurd we know. We pulled together some of the top excuses for not going off-roading and why they are just excuses.

10 Essential Items to Have in Your Jeep While Off-Road


There are a ton of options when it comes to what to take out on the trails with you, but you have limited space in your Wrangler.  What are the most important thing to bring along and why?  This is a break down of what I like to make sure I have in my rig when I go off the pavement.