2013 Jeep Jamboree: Big Bear Lake, CA May 9th – May 11th

Jeep Wrangler off-roading at Big Bear LakeThe New Year is finally here which means that it is time to start planning your Jeep Wrangler off-roading events for 2013. As usual, some of the best events of the year will be the Jeep Jamboree events taking place across the country.  Today we will focus on the Big Bear Lake, California event taking place from May 9th through May 11th, 2013.

5 Easy and Fun Trails for Beginners

Off-roading Jeep Wrangler
Imaging by inajeep

If you are accustomed to city pavement, you quickly discover learning to drive off-road involves acquiring some new techniques. While the challenges of the rugged roads look enticing, the last thing you want to do is crash and burn your prized Jeep. Here are a few trails and quick Jeeping tips you’ll need to safely navigate through your first few off-roading adventures.

Top Historic Off-Road Trails in the US

Pony Express Trail
Imaging by markhillary

Having the freedom to travel the land around us provides everyone with a treasure trove of untapped stimulus to fascinate over. Jeepers and outdoor adventurers alike enjoy hopping in their Wrangler or 4×4 and exploring historically famous areas of the US. For those with the time and drive to follow in the footsteps of history, here are 4 trails you won’t want to miss out on.

Stolen JK Saved by Local Jeep Club

Wrangler Jeep 4 door JK in Warden Gulch
Abandoned Wrangler JK in Warden Gulch

From a blogger’s perspective, there’s nothing more satisfying than to be able to tell a story like this. A Jeep community located near the Warden Gulch Trail in Summit County, Colorado discovered a stolen and abandoned 2008 Jeep Wrangler 4 door JK that had been dumped at the bottom of the gulch, surrounded by a steep incline. Having been reported stolen in 2009 and stumbled upon by hikers in 2010, this JK was stripped and dumped at the bottom of the gulch and left to waste.

The Five Most Difficult Jeep Trails in the US

Jeep Traversing Trail
Imaging by Adam Barhan

Finding a gnarly off-road trail can be difficult, primarily because these trails are rarely marked and access usually means mapping a course into small, out-of-the-way towns that hardly anyone has heard of, let alone could direct others how to get there. Additionally, off-road trails often change their course due to natural elements such as wash-outs and landslides. Still, the rock crawlers must have their challenges and the rugged life enthusiasts their day in the sun, so there are a few trails that remain heralded as champions for being the most difficult pathways into wild country that you could take.

City Livin’

City Livin’

Jeeper's City

Living in the city can put a damper on any off-roader’s day.  Sure the city offers endless entertainment, but there is nothing worse than seeing your precious Wrangler grounded to the terrains of the city streets.  It may be fun in the winter when the small sedans are struggling to get around the snowy streets as you navigate them with no trouble, but your Wrangler was made to navigate the land that takes over when the street ends.  We’ve highlighted some trails to check out in various cities.

Focus On…Wicked Hills Off-Road Truck Park

As most people know it is harder and harder for Jeep lovers to find places to play off-road without fear of the authorities running you off, or worse, putting you in handcuffs. That is why we occasionally drop you a little note about a cool place to play safely and legally. This month we are focusing on a park opening at the end of summer or early fall of 2012 called Wicked Hills Off-Road Park.