Black Friday is Here!

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Jeepers! Today’s the day for sleeping in and bingeing on as much food as your stomach can handle (and rest assured we’ll be doing the same). We hope you’ll be enjoying the day and the time with your families. We at ExtremeTerrain are starting off the celebration by showing our gratitude to all of our visitors. Check out the deals we have in store for you all.

2017 JK Wrangler Black Friday Promo

2017 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Preview

Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring with it a unique set of obstacles every year. Whether to wake up before the sun to score big deals, or risk fighting through the masses. With ExtremeTerrain, we’ll make your Black Friday/Cyber Monday adventures easier. At least for that special rig in your life. Below we’ll provide a preview of what’s to come.

2017 JK Wrangler Black Friday Promo

Revealed: 2018 JL Wrangler – What’s New and What’s Not

This year’s SEMA event was exciting for current and future Wrangler owners. Jeep revealed more details of the upcoming redesigned JL Wrangler, along with press release photos and performance parts that finally confirmed significant rumors. Here are some important takeaways.

Trail Recovery Gear For Your Wrangler

Carrying well-chosen trail recovery gear among your Wrangler’s equipment ensures you successfully complete your off-road adventure. Some off-road spots can trap a Jeep – including deep mud, obstacles, steep slopes and stream beds. Rather than walking for hours before reaching a road and then spending considerable amounts of money and additional time retrieving your Wrangler, having winches, shovels and other recovery tools on board enables extracting yourself from difficulties. This satisfying, practical self-reliance quickly frees your JK for more thrilling cross-country action.