Jeep Primer – You Should Know

Jeep Over Rocks

Jeep is an automobile brand owned by Chrysler and has been manufacturing vehicles since the 1940s. Jeeps were originally manufactured for military use, but eventually began being manufactured for the general public. It is also used as a general term for recreational off road vehicles, in fact, it is synonymous with off road recreational driving. Off road driving is often simply called ‘Jeeping.’ There are several different models that have been manufactured over the years, including the Cherokee, the Grand Cherokee, and the Wagoneer. Jeep was the first brand to manufacture SUVs and they still manufacture  new SUV models every year.

While several models can drive off road in rough conditions, the Wrangler is an off road model that is associated with recreational off road driving the most. It is designed for rough terrain and rocks and is easy to customize, which makes it perfect for recreational off road driving. Wranglers are also the best light weight off road vehicle because they have solid axles that are very durable and strong and allow the vehicle to traverse very rough terrain. You can purchase a jeep at a jeep dealer, of which there are many all over the country, or you could buy it used from a used car lot, a newspaper or automotive magazine classified, or online. If you decide to buy a jeep, no matter who you buy it from, make sure that the seller is reliable and credible so you can get the best vehicle for your money.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. When my older brother heard me calling about a Jeep in a newspaper ad he hung up the phone on me. He grabbed me by the ear and put me in the truck and took me to our Jeep dealer at the edge of town. He told me pretty much the same thing you did that I should buy my Jeep from a reputable dealer. I’m glad I did. I love my Wrangler for in town driving as well as for Jeeping. My girl doesn’t like the roughness of off road but me, I live for it.


  2. I learned how to drive in a Jeep. It was one my dad used for work so it wasn’t much for looks, but it was great fun to drive. My older brother was my teacher and I’m sure I gave him a gray hair or two during those lessons even though he was only 19. I drove stick shift cars until I was in my 40’s. I’m 61 now and I may yet go back to a Jeep. I doubt if I do any off road, but you never know!


  3. I remember hearing my Dad talk about his military Jeep when I was just a kid. He had pictures of himself behind the wheel and one with him and his buddies going into town for a little R & R. When Jeeps became available to the general public I think my Dad was the first one in line to buy one. He washed and waxed that Jeep and treated it like it was one of the family. I still have that Jeep. I don’t drive it any more but one of my grandkids has been bugging me to sell it to him. The odometer has turned over twice now and I expect it might make another revolution or two at the rate it going.


  4. My Dad got me my first Wrangler when I turned 16. He knew I had been wanting one and he said he remembered when he got the pickup truck he had been wanting for his 16th birthday. It might sound kind of sappy but it was one of those rare bonding moments between me and my Dad. He goes off road with me sometimes but he made me promise not to tell my Mom about too much of what we do. I wonder why?


  5. I’m driving my 4th Wrangler now. I don’t get off road as much as I’d like to, but it’s good knowing that I can, whenever I get the chance. My wife doesn’t care for it, but my young son loves it. I figure he’ll be ready for his own Jeep in about 11 years.


  6. I’ve got an older Wrangler and I love it. It fits me and I like that other people look at it and check me out. They’re probably wishing they had one too. Imagine my shock when my fianace asked me what kind of car ‘we’ were going to get when I traded in my Jeep! I’m thinking we have at least one major problem to work out before we take that long walk down the aisle.


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