NORA = National Off Road Association

NORA is an organization that helps protect off-roading trails from being shut down by being a voice for off road enthusiast. But the only way they can help make your voices heard is if you help. How can you help – by making your voice heard. You can do this in many ways – letting informing NORA of off-roading trails that are in threat of being shut down, lobbying with NORA to save known off road trails from becoming obsolete, and showing your support by becoming a member.

NORA’s mission in is:
• To unify the off-road community by providing information and tools,
• To influence state and national policy-makers on legislation where access to public lands by off-highway vehicle (OHV) users are at risk,
• To provide economic / environmental reports, and legal action support; and use all lawful means necessary to carry out these objectives.

NORA has the ability to lobby and the opportunity to re-educate policy makers and state representatives on the economic impact that OHV users have on communities nationwide. NORA reports that one of their first major goals is to complete economic impact reports in all 50 states, identifying the direct economic impact of the OHV community. Once completed, these reports will be freely available on the NORA web site for anyone to download. NORA believes that the OHV community needs to fund non-biased environmental impact reports, facilitated by third-party organizations that give us “real” feedback rather than just accept the impact reports done by organized groups that are not in favor of off-roading use. NORA is right when they put their faith in numbers, as there is much more strength in numbers. That is why NORA wishes to have a uniform unification uniting all motorized user groups regardless of 4-wheel drive, ATV, motorcycle, or snowmobile for the common goal, to protect the need of off-roading enthusiasts everywhere. To do this they understand that NORA and everyone needs to support existing organizations as well to help tackle difficult issues such as trail closing.

If you are interested in learning more about NORA or in becoming a member visit

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I’ve never heard of NORA, so thanks for getting the info out. I’m pretty new to Jeeping. It makes sense to join if it will help preserve the trails we have.


  2. I’m already a member of NORA and have been for a couple of years, since I got my Jeep. The dealership told me about them so I got in touch and signed up. They are doing a great job protecting the off road areas that we so love to challenge.


  3. These people do a really good job for all of us off roaders. We all need to add our voice to strengthen their ability. I belong to a union to protect my job so it made sense to belong to NORA to protect my leisure time activities. Do it now for all of us.


  4. I joined right at the dealership when I bought my Jeep. I guess the salesman was covering all the bases with his sales pitch. Of course he’s a Jeeper too so he had a vested interest.


  5. I checked into NORA and what they have accomplished and what they are tackling right now and I was very impressed. I did join and I feel really good about it.


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