The American Jeepster Club

The American Jeepster Club (AJC) has been around since 1988 bringing together Jeep off roading enthusiast across the United States. It was initially formed to help Jeep owners network with others and now has over 800 Jeepster owners from all over the United States.

The AJC focuses on Jeepster models 1966 to 1973, Jeepster Commandos, and Commandos although any Jeep off roader is welcome to join. Due to the size of the American Jeepster Club, they have broken down chapters into regions making it easier for members to be more involved in planning trail rides, rallies, show and shines, swap meets, barbeques and much more. The national organization of the ACJ promotes and sponsors the events put on by its regional chapter clubs. The AJC Chapter regions are based on historical “Jeepster owner population” across the states that they have collected over the years. As of now there are four main chapters directly under the National American Jeepster Club – the Northwestern Chapter that includes the states of WA, OR, ID, MT and WY, the Southwestern Chapter that includes the states CA, NV, UT and AZ, the Central Chapter which includes the states of CO, NM, TX, NE, SD, ND, and all the other states west of the Mississippi River and last but not least, the Eastern Chapter which encompasses all the states east of the Mississippi River.

If you are interested in joining one of the regional chapters of the American Jeepster Club visit and click on to the regional link you are interested in.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. This is my club and we’re very active. If your looking for endless fun with good friends, give us a try. I don’t think you’ll be sorry you did.


  2. I’ve been to some of the events sponsored by this club. They always have great turnouts and no one walks away disappointed. I’m going to join and be part of the big picture. I think it’ll be fun being in on the planning of some of the events.


  3. I always enjoyed the Shriner Jeepsters in our state fair parade. I wonder if any of them belong to clubs or if they only drive those in special events, like parades.


  4. I’ve been thinking about joining this club but it’s so big. I wonder if I wouldn’t be happier in a smaller club where I could get to know all of the members. It’s a tough decision to make. Maybe I should go to a meeting or 2 and see what kind of people show up. It may be that I know someone too. That would help.


  5. I wonder, is this club about the oldest and biggest Jeep group in existence? It’s the one I remember hearing about first when I was growing up. I don’t know of another one that covers the entire US.


  6. I’ve been looking into this clubs history. It’s pretty cool what they have done. I think it will only add to the experience by joining a club and this one sounds to good to pass up.


  7. I like AJC because they focus on older vehicles, like mine. It does make a difference, at least to me. I joined the club recently and have really gotten involved in the entire aspect of the club. It’s something that has brought me a lot of satisfaction and fun.


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