De-icing and Snowing Jeep Vinyl/Plastic Windows

Okay, maybe this is a little late in the season, but hopefully it will not be in vain for new Jeepers or next winter for that matter. If you have owned a Jeep you already know it can be easy to scratch vinyl or plastic Jeep windows if you don’t know how to properly remove snow or ice from them. Sure, it would be great if we all had garages and didn’t have to worry about this but think of those unexpected sleet and snow downfalls while your Jeep is sitting out in the parking lot of your work.

Cold temperatures, snow, and ice can cause mayhem on Jeep soft tops. Here is a few tips to help keep your soft top and plastic/vinyl windows in good repair.

Don’t lower your soft top when temps drop below 40 degrees. Synthetic materials lose resiliency at low temperatures.

Never roll up vinyl windows or open them during winter months. They can shatter just like glass when cold!

If driving your Jeep during the winter months with soft top and vinyl/plastic windows, do not touch the windows until well after the Jeep has warmed up and the windows have had time to become supple again.

Never hit your vinyl/plastic windows as a way of removing ice/snow, unless of course you don’t mind replacing them.

Seriously… do not attempt to remove snow or ice from your vinyl;/plastic windows by any means. Maybe I should have put this one first. Instead of ones typical ice removal for glass windows, with Jeep vinyl/plastic windows it is all about preheating the Jeep. Let the Jeep warm up from the inside out and the snow/ice to melt naturally by this means.

Learn how to drive using your side view mirrors if you are impatient.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. It may not be too late for some folks but this idiot could have used this warning last month. I don’t generally leave my Jeep sitting out but this time I did. We started out with freezing rain that turned to snow. When I went out the next morning to clean off the Jeep so I could get to work, I almost raked the plastic windows with the ice scraper, but I caught myself in time. Without thinking I took my glove and gave the rear window a whack to loosen up the snow. It loosened all right but it also shattered the window. I felt like a total idiot, rightfully so.


  2. Can you say duhhh? It’s plastic man, and all it takes is a little common sense. I changed my name to protect the innocent (me). One of my co members in the local Jeep club took his snow and ice covered Jeep to the nearest car wash. What do you think happened when that very warm water hit those very frozen plastic windows? Would you believe they shattered? Imagine that!!


  3. Now that I’ve read your article it makes sense but alas, I didn’t read it in time. I used the ice scraper on the back window and got several scratches on it before I realized what the heck I was doing to it. Thank goodness the scratches aren’t real deep, that would have really made me mad. Next time, I’ll know better.


  4. OMG, I read this just in time. I just got a new Wrangler last week and we got this freak snowstorm today. I’m not sure I would have thought about the plastic windows. I want to say I would have, but who knows. Now, I don’t have to worry about it. Because of you, I do know and will take extra precaution in order to preserve them.


  5. I really appreciate the heads up on this issue. I’m not sure I would have considered the extra care that plastic windows should have. I wouldn’t do anything to intentionally damage them, but I need to know the correct way to deal with them. I know I can always count on getting the best advice, tips and deals from your site.


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