Jeep Body Tubs

Looking for a replacement Jeep Body Tub?
Our Body Tub is a completely assembled body shell from the firewall to the tail light panel. Fitted, welded and assembled together with the cowl panel, rear wheel housings, dash panel, and glove box already in place. Or you can upgrade to a Body Tub Kit. It features the same great body tub, (2) front fenders, windshield frame, hood and tailgate. It is the ultimate restoration accessory, primed and shipped to your door.

No more grinding, welding, or cutting out rusty panels, just to struggle as you fight to line up the new part. All the hard work is done for you. Primed and nearly ready for paint. The hardest part will be picking out the new paint color. How quick can you say Olive Drab?

Of course the body tubs are not completely finished, there will still be some fitting and working to make everything line up. Our tubs are as you close as you can get today to a body off the original Toledo assembly line. Why else would MOPAR authorize us to use the “Willys” and “Jeep” scripts on the officially licensed bodies and panels we produce?

  • Replace Steel Body Tubs and Body Kits from 1941 – 1986
  • Replacement Body Panels from 1941 – 2010
  • Jeep®/Willy’s Licensed Body Tubs, Kits & Panels Available!
  • Body Tubs are completely assembled, and primed. Ready to be shipped to your door.
  • 16 gauge steel used on body tubs for all side and tail panels. In most cases it is thicker than original!
  • 18 Gauge steel used on body tubs in the front and rear flooring, all mounting brackets, top cowl assembly, and wheel housings.
  • Manufactured using a seven-step metal preparation process, including:
    • A 5 bath dip to totally eliminate rust, dirt and grease.
    • A phosphate and acid rinse step to ensure corrosion resistance and proper adhesion of the primer.
    • New primer formula and application method that is designed for a smooth and even finish.
  • Includes all major factory mounting locations, including channels for body mounting.
  • Dashes and shifter tunnels left blank in some applications with varied OE locations.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Wow, body tubs that go all the way back to 1941 models. How cool is that? I have a 52 and I’d love to replace the body. There are several rust holes, a couple of them are major. It will be like getting a new Jeep. I can see it already.


  2. What a great idea. I have a rust hole under the driver seat. I keep wondering if I’m going to drop through the bottom if I hit a big enough bump. Looks like you have my year covered.


  3. That’s freaking awesome. I had no idea that you could replace the body like that. My Jeep is really old and has been through the mill and back. I work on a ranch and rely on it to transport fencing supplies when I ride the range asw well as my tools. I am also an avid off road enthusiast. I’d love to improve the looks without trading in the whole vehicle. I’ve become very attached to it.


  4. I just finished ordering a body tub kit for my Jeep. I’m so excited I can hardly wait for delivery. I feel like I did when I was a kid waiting for Christmas. Is it time yet? How long do I have to wait?


  5. It doesn’t really say here but I’d love to replace what I have with a body that looks like a military Jeep. I always thought they were really cool looking. Guess it was from watching all those years of MASH with my Dad.


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