Summertime Family Fun

There are so many great Jeep Off Roading events coming up, making perfect mini vacations for your entire family. Jeep off-roading with your family builds a bond and memories that will last a lifetime. When you frequent regular off-roading events, you quickly become acquainted with the other off-roading families. Spouses make lasting great new relationships with other off-roaders and the children make wonderful new friends.

Many of the off-roading events have activities for all ages. Camping is always a great family pastime and Jeep off-roading events are a perfect excuse to break out the tents. Throw in a couple fishing poles where the trails lead you to great fishing holes and you have a great activity to do with the entire family when the Jeeps aren’t running. Enjoy the beauty of the surrounds with some nature walks with your family and the camera can capture some pretty terrific memories and pictures too. Jeep off-roading events are not only an adventure, but also a great mini vacations and the perfect family bonding opportunities.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. My wife and I have 3 boys and they all love to go off road with me. Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t like it. There is no way I want to take all of them by myself so I take them one at a time and usually they get to go at least twice during the season. It gives me some quality one on one time with my sons and we have a great time Jeeping and camping out. I’m still working on my wife. I think she would like it if she would try it, but I think sleeping in a tent is more than she thinks she can handle.


  2. We have 3 kids and we can’t afford to take big elaborate vacations. What we can afford and what the family really enjoys is Jeeping and camping in different areas of the US. We take 4 or 5 long weekend trips and that works for us. We’re always careful to pick events that are suitable for kids. Not all of them are.


  3. We’ve been a Jeep family for several years. I’ve been to events before but we’ve never been able to go as a family because there were too many of us. We just bought a second Jeep and we’re pretty excited to be able to attend the events as a complete family. Mom will drive one and Dad the other. The kids will be drawing numbers to see which Jeep they are assigned to. I’m sure a good time will be had by all.


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