Rugged Ridge Winches and Synthetic Rope

Heavy Duty 10,500 LB Winch by Rugged Ridge

Heavy Duty 10,500 LB Winch by Rugged Ridge

Durable. Tough. Affordable. These Heavy Duty Rugged Ridge Winches are everything you could want in a winch. They have more power and exclusive features than any other winch in its price range:
• Stainless Steel Hardware- All the exterior winch body screws and bolts are Stainless steel to prevent rust and provide a long life.
• All Rugged Ridge steel cable style Winches include off road light mount roller fairleads allowing for the easy mount of two off road lights!
• Solenoid mounting brackets allow for multiple solenoid mounting points and the ability to “tilt” the Solenoid for ease of use. This “tilt” feature ensures that each Rugged Ridge winch can be used with almost all off road bumpers and over riders!
• Limited 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects (1 Year on electrical).
• Each winch has been independently tested to ensure they meet or exceed all specifications.

Synthetic Winch Rope 11-32 in X 100 ft with a Breaking Force of 16,550lbs by Rugged Ridge

Synthetic Winch Rope 11/32″ X 100′ with a Breaking Force of 16,550lbs by Rugged Ridge

Winch Rope
Stronger and lighter, the two key elements of Synthetic Rope that make it the choice of competition off road vehicles everywhere. Rugged Ridge high strength Synthetic Winch Rope is constructed from genuine Dyneema SK-75 fiber imported from the Netherlands. This revolutionary fiber is the choice of off-road enthusiast worldwide. It is stronger and lighter than wire rope and never kinks or splinters! Our synthetic line is woven from twelve UV-treated strands, resulting in increased strength, and a power to weight ratio unmatched by wire rope. Each synthetic rope comes with a protective sleeve that prevents it from over heating on the winch drum, black powder coated latched hook, stainless steel thimble, and is pre-terminated end for ease of installation. Synthetic rope does not store energy like steel cables, and in the event of a failure it is much less likely to result in severe injuries caused by the whiplash of broken wire rope.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I can see why the Synthetic Winch Rope is so popular with off road vehicles. I’ve heard of some pretty severe injuries resulting from broken steel cables. I’m all for safety and this sounds like the best there is.


  2. I’m all for using the safest product and it appears that synthetic rope is it. I’ve seen it in action several times. You almost can’t be off road without relying on a tug from a winch occasionally. I’m all about safety and I make it my business to check out what’s available.


  3. The kind of extreme off road trails we drive call for a heavy duty winch and cable. The club I belong to invested in one and it goes to all of our events. It may be the most used piece of equipment we have. It has paid for itself over and over again.


  4. I use my Jeep for work around the farm as well as weekend trips for off road driving. I bought the winch to use around the farm but have had several instances when I was glad I had it to help out a fellow Jeeper.


  5. I belong to a Jeep club and there are 4 or 5 of the guys who have winches. I rarely go out without being with several other members and there’s usually 1 or more of the winch guys in the group. While I would like to have one I think I’ll wait until my Jeep is paid off. After that, I might look into it more.


  6. A winch can be a very useful thing but at the same time you need to know what you are doing with it. I almost lost a finger While I was trying to figure out how to use it. Like my Mom always told me and my Dad, if all else fails, read the directions. Believe me, after that, I did!


  7. It took me a long time to find the winch I wanted for my Jeep. Here’s the thing. I’ve had it for nearly 5 months and I’ve never had a chance to use it. Usually, someone beats me to the scene. I’m wondering if it’s going to remain a virgin forever.


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