You know you are addicted to Jeep Off Roading when…

Jeep Addiction
This week I had a lot of fun reading XtremeTerrain Facebook Fan’s responses to that question. There were some really great ones that I hated for all that creativity to just get lost on the page as the days wore on. So rather then losing all the great responses I decided to put them all in one spot to reflect on at later times easily. I have to say, there are a lot of creative minds out there and you all gave me some great laughs… so without further ado… Here are the responses to “You know you are addicted to Jeep Off Roading when…. And my little side remarks in”(…)”

Jonathan M.: You look at the mountains in the winter and take a long hard sigh. (Or have reoccurring dreams until you can hit the trails.. lol!)

Stevany D.: When you break fog lights & get chips in your windshield but you still keep goin back (Right on!)

 Kyle S.: When you start modifying/removing body parts that “get in the way” or “hold you up” on trails. (I really laughed hard at this one.. I think we have all been there!)

 Pam C.: You tell your wife when she asks if she has begun to sag “airing down is a good thing” (Now that is funny, but not too sure how many would really get away without any repercussions.. LOL!)

David M.: Your tire size exceeds your waist size! (Refuse to look down to waist.. I will not look down! LOL!)

Steve K.: Your Jeep repair budget exceeds your home repair budget 2 to 1! (Shhh.. That’s suppose to be a secret! Are you trying to get me in trouble?)

 Jay J.: You refinance your house and tell your wife your getting siding and you end up getting a lift new axles tires lockers and a doubler. (Yikes! I wonder how the outcome of that one was! LOL!)

Cameron W.: All you think about is the next thing you’re going to do to your rig And the next place you are going wheelin! (Right on!!!)

Michael C.: Buying new tires means upgrading axles and suspension! (I can feel you on this one big time!)

Scott D.: Body damage makes you laugh. (LOL! It is like wearing a badge of honor! LOL!)

Lou H.: You see something on a trailer that resembles a rollcage and instantly think its a crawler!! Yea, I did that…turned out to be a tractor! Lol! (Too funny!)

Kenny F.: Your daily driver is referred to as “the tow rig”, and it has never seen the inside of a garage due to the “machine shop” conversion that’s been underway for a decade! (I love it!)

Chris C.: After every time you wash you jeep, you get it muddy, or dirty in the same day. (Or within minutes should the phone ring and a buddy wants to hit a new spot!)

Cole K.: When your obsession rubs of on your 20 month old and when he walks in the garage he says JEEP JEEP and points and drools just like his dad! (Right on! Way to raise the young lad! LOL!)

Michael C.: When you don’t think twice about taking the sawzall, a cutoff wheel, a jig saw, or metal sheers and cutting your body. (LOL!!!)

DawnMarie L.: You prefer a face full of mud to a pair of heels. (You go DawnMarie!!)

Dawn N.: When driving down the road, you see a hill, valley, ditch, or other crevasses and wonder if your jeep could make it up it. (and then hunt down the landowners to test your theories.. LOL!)

Steve R.: When you’re driving down the Interstate (Any) and see the power lines that cross and can’t wait to see the trails that lead up the hills…..Just so you can picture yourself bouncing up and over the obstacles!!! (True off roader!)
 Robert D.: When it’s raining outside and you will go out of your way to drive an hour to play in fresh snow….(Oh yeah!)

Javier V.: Leave in the morning and return at night. (If then! Depends on how much trouble you have to deal with when you get home.. LOL!)

Alan M.: You buy property in the mountains, build your house BUT purposely FORGET to plow a road to it in order to enjoy the daily trip 🙂 (I love this!!! A true off roaders dream!)

Feel free to add to this terrific list!

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Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. You know how sometimes you get begind the wheel and you’re in a fog and not paying attention to where you’re going. Well, I left for work one day and ended up on the trails down by the river. I got to work, eventually.


  2. Occasionally, I call in sick and take off for the trails. I figure it like this. I get all antsy and I need to unwind and Jeeping does it for me.


  3. For me it would have been passing up a blind date with a really hot chick. I did ask if she wanted to go with me for a day of driving off road but she passed it up. I think I made the right decision.


  4. I expect my dates to be happy with a sandwich and drink from a drive through and a ride with me on some of the fun trails I like to go to. I forget that there are other activities that don’t involve my Jeep. They tell me that they want to spend time with me and then get mad when I let them do that.


  5. All you want to talk about is where you’ve been and where you’re going with your Jeep. Every conversation, not matter what the subject, ends up with a reference to the Jeep or being off road.


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