Give me your best Jeep Off Roading One-Liner


I asked on our ExtremeTerrain Facebook FanPage for Jeep Off Roading One Liners and got some great responses. You can watch for them on twitter and you may even see them pop up from time to time as status updates on Facebook. You al came up with some really good ones. So here is me tipping my hat to you all and paying tribute to you all once again with everyone’s responses!

Robby M.: “Its all fun an games till i take my doors off!!” (LOVE IT!!!)

Sue N.: “Jeeps need a good coating of MUD, so they dont get sunburn!”
“Im gonna be buried in my Jeep, cause I havent found a hole my Jeep cant get out of!”
“My Jeep has made me the person I am today!”
(Sue was on a roll! Great ones Sue.. Keep em’ coming!)

Jeff T.: “Just follow me.”   (Insert scared face!!  lol!)

Matthew L.: “a dirty jeep shines above the rest” (Don’t it though! LOL!)

Mark W.: “No that’s not a leak,…….she’s marking her territory” (I absolutely Love this one!!!)

Robert O.: “Watch this!”  🙂

DawnMarie L. “Hey, wanna go topless!” (LOL! That could get some into trouble! LOL!)

Tim D.: “You can try to follow me, but it’s gonna hurt” (LOL! So true so many times!)

Go ahead and give us your best Jeep Off Roading One Liners and watch for it on our Twitter and FanPage!!!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I always say, “If you feel the need for speed, keep it on the road!” Some terrains allow for moderate speed bursts but steep trails, rivers and rocks require more control than speed. The speed demons are the ones that take up our time bailing them out of their mishaps.


  2. I’m not very clever with words but I did want you to know that I enjoyed everyone else’s wit! That was a great idea, keep them coming.


  3. I’m glad to see so many with a good sense of humor. I’m not talented when it comes to rhyming but Jeeping is another matter. I’ve tried all types of terrains and I love them all. I’ve been to events in 24 states over the last 10 years and before I get to old for the sport I hope to see and experience the rest of them.


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