ATTENTION: Off-roaders in Athol Massachusetts AREA

Team Off Kilter Western Mass Jeep Group
Team Off Kilter Western Mass Jeep Group

A Western Mass Jeep Group “Team Off Kilter” is looking for some manpower to help with the Wiley’s Road Clean Up.

Joe Paul reports “As of right now, Wiley’s road clean up day is Sunday May 2nd, 10 AM.” They have a tire warehouse to take all the old tires, and Griff’s Rubbish to haul the trash, but could use some more man power and some jeeps to wheel with later. Any donations go towards paying to dispose of rubbish. The club and Joe would like to thank all of those who are already helping but would appreciate as much more help as they could get. Please pass this around even if you are not in this region and try to get them a great turn out!

The location is Wiley’s Road in Athol MA, is off of Chestnut Hill AVE. Any question can be sent to or

Here is more about Team Off Kilter:
“We are a Western Mass Jeep Group. We all enjoy getting our jeeps MUDDY! Great group of Men, Woman and yes some children too! We participate in lots off family off-roading trips, as well as some not so kid friendly trips too. We do not limit the group to Jeep Owners. Trucks are more than welcome. If this sounds like a group you would like to join, visit and click on the “Apply Button”.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Joining in the cleanup of an area like this one tends to give off road Jeepers a positive image. It’s also a way to give back to a community that opens up it’s trails for Jeeping. So get off you hind quarters and get out and help if at all possible.


  2. Several of the members of our club participated in this cleanup. I was impressed with the response. On the whole, Jeepers are responsible and considerate citizens who give back to the community. This was just one more example.


  3. I got called into work that day to cover for someone who was sick or I would have been there. I believe in community service, especially if it’s a clean up project like this one. It’s great that you advertise this type of event.


  4. Wiley’s Road is looking pretty good since the cleanup. A lot of people pitched in and made a big difference. I’m too old to do the big things anymore but I was there to help with whatever I could. Every little bit helps.


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