Facebook Sharing again..

I can’t help it… I love our fans. Seriously! You are a great bunch, I get informed on what is going on in the Jeep off-roading world and get plenty of laughs from you as well. A couple of the status update I threw up got some pretty great responses and again I want to share them with the world. How better to do that then on our blog site! (Oh, I am aware that I have had some duplicate post on FB. I am working on getting that fixed.. 🙂 sorry about that.)
On to the questions.. The first question asked was “ “What would you give up to be able to go off-roading?” and the responses were…..

Jeremy W ~ Kidney? Lol (Yikes! That is pretty serious! LOL!)

Pam C ~ Why can’t I have it all…isn’t that what a daddy’s princess gets?!? (But of course! But what does daddy say? LOL!)

Dennis M ~ Everything but my jeep!!! (Right on Dennis! Lol!)

Stephen T. ~ I would give up my JOB to go wheeling everyday. But I would have to win the powerball first. (Wouldn’t it be sweet is life could work so simply! LOL!)

Jb W. ~ Why do I have to give something up?? (Well, okay, good question.. I will get back to you on that.. LOL!)

Cam E. ~ Why not build a company wheeling? Have often thought about off road excursions as a business for hunters, tourists, and photographers. (I think this is a great idea Cam and I believe, depending on your local it would take off quite nicely! Let me know if you ever do!)

Second question was “My bucket list before I retire on my off roading list is…”

Sue N. ~ Climb Mt Everest in a Jeep!!! (Interesting one for sure.. )

Teresa M. ~ MOAB! (You can do it Teresa!)

Robert O. ~ Taking a “Real” Jeep to Traci’s and show her what big, meaty tires are for… What do you mean we can’t go off road cause there is “too much snow”? (LOL!!!! I will remain silent here.. LOL!)

David M. ~ flip my jeep rock climbing (You seriously want to flip it? Seriously??? Please elaborate!! LOL!)

DawnMarie L. ~ I will never retire from Jeeping! (Ummm Dawn Marie, I hate to break this to you, but one day we will all have to retire from Jeeping, however, you can always be buried in your Jeep! LOL!)

Kaleb S. ~ “rock crawl” over a full size car (Sweet one Kaleb.. )

Dale W. ~ To get voted in to Four Wheeler Magazines Top Truck Challenge. (Now there is one I would like to do as well!)

John G. ~ to win top jeep of the year (Yep, great one for all Jeepers bucket list!!!)

Anthony C. ~ Long Arm Kit; 35’s & a trip to the Rubicon! (Anthony, I believe you will accomplish all of that and probably a whole lot more!)

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I’d give up house work and laundry for a weekend off road. As a matter of fact I have done this before. Guess what? It’s always there waiting for me when I get back! I’ve never tried rock climbing and I would like to at least know what it’s like. Don’t really care where, just want the experience.


  2. During the week I work hard but on the weekends everything takes a back seat to Jeeping. My wife and I do all of the weekend chores throughout the week to free up the weekends. We love meeting new people, taking to the trails and camping. Once we have kids this will become much harder so we’re taking advantage of the freedom now. It’s a way of life we both love. As to where we would go if we had the chance, the ocean. Neither of us has ever seen it, either of them!


  3. I really enjoy reading all of the reply’s. I can tell that a lot of thought went into them. Thank you for sharing them with us.


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