Reasons to install a Lift Kit

  1. The obvious – to be able to add bigger tires and increase ground clearance.
  2. Better off roading articulation and performance.
  3. The other obvious – to climb and run trails you were never able to before!
  4. To look cool of course!
  5. Too be able to look down on other vehicles along the roadways..
  6. Excuse to buy the new axles.
  7. To intimidate others both on and off the trails.
  8. No more need to jack your jeep up when cleaning undercarriage or making repairs.
  9. To be able to hit the deep bogs!!!
  10. To veer off the less than enthusiastic off roaders (Back seat drivers) from wanting to ride along with you.. They will be scared!
  11. To make the once impossible to possible!

That is just some reasons to add a lift kit to your Jeep. Feel free to add your reasons. Do you think it is possible to come up with 100 reasons?

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. #4, that’s me. I just really like the way the Jeep looks with a lift kit. I may need it occasionally, but I would have bought it anyway.


  2. I installed mine just in case I ever had the opportunity for some extreme climbing. It came within weeks of the installation. Who knew?


  3. I’ve decided that I need to have a lift kit and some bigger tires. I’ve recently gotten into rock climbing and I’ve scraped the bottom more than once. I figure I’m only going to go more extreme and it’s time to protect my investment.


  4. I can think of several reasons to install a lift kit but my number 1 reason is I need it. I like to drive the extreme trails and it makes sense to take care of my Jeep. I’ve seen guys tear up their Jeeps because they didn’t prepare for the trails they’re driving.


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