Rock Stock 2010 ~ Flat Nasty Off Road Park

Rock Stock 2010

Rock Stock 2010 presented by Mid Rivers Jeep Thing is also going on this Memorial Day Weekend. Her is some more information on that event!

Rock Stock 2010
Start Time: Saturday May 29th 2010 at 8:00 AM
End Time: Monday May 31st 2010 at 12:00 PM
Location: Flat Nasty Off Road Park
Several events to take place:
Blind Driver
Tug-o-War – Flat Nasty style
Flat & Nasty course
Scavenger Hunt
Wheeling 101
Guided Trail Runs

Saturday, May 29
8am- noon Sunday – Scavenger Hunt
This is a Scavenger Hunt throughout the park. Forms due back to the food tent by noon Sunday. Prizes will be awarded through a drawing of forms that have been completed correctly. You will need a digital camera with a display to participate. Pictures will need to be shown along with your entry form.

10am – Blind Driver Race (Free)
1st half Trail 4 @ campground
Just like it sounds, driver is blindfolded and spotter must get them through the course – fastest time wins
1st – 3rd place awarded prizes

11 am-5 pm – Food available at the tent next to the office
$5 for 1/2lb hamburger, soda and chips
Soda and water available for $1

1 pm – Monster Energy Drink
The Monster Energy Drink truck will be at the food tent

2 pm – 4 pm – Wheeling 101
Meet at the office. For those who do not know the park or are new to wheeling, learn some basking wheeling skills from more experienced drivers

4 pm – Tug-o-War Flat Nasty Style (Free)
Hook your rig to another and pull the biggest and baddest wins!

6 pm – Guided Trail Run
Meet at the office. There will be guides for all levels of experience

10 pm – Night Run
Meet at the office for a guided night run

Sunday May 30
9 am – Flat and Nasty event – Timed Run (Free)
This will take place at Trail #3 (Flat)
Details listed below

11 am – 5pm – Food available at the tent next to the office
$5 for 1/21b hamburger, soda and chips
Soda and water available for $1

Noon – Raffle Drawing
The raffle drawing will take place at the office. You must be present to win.

1 pm – Flat and Nasty Event – Rockcrawl (Free)
This part of the event will take place at second half of trail 4 (Nasty)

4 pm – Guided Trail Run
Meet at the office. There will be guides for all levels of experience

Flat and Nasty Event Details
Entrants must compete in both events
There will be three classes
Stock Class (Green)**- 32″ tires and under (damage – none to minimal) Intermediate Class (Yellow) – 33″ – 37″ tires (damage – maybe but not likely) Big Boy Class (Black) – 38″ tires and over (damage expected)

Timed Run (Flat)
Each class will run Trail #3 for a “time”, Stock and Intermediate run only the trail, the Big Boys must run through the “Bone Yard” pits before finishing. You must have/wear a helmet for this portion as well as seatbelts.

Rockcrawl (Nasty)
Each class will run the second half of Trail 4; this is the start of the “Rockcrawling” portion and is not timed but will have a time limit. Courses will be set up for each class with cones, hit a cone, reverse or winch receive points, each point is a 10 second penalty added to your timed run score. Lowest time in each class wins, the tiebreaker is fastest time completing the “Rockcrawl” portion. Standard Rockcrawling rules will apply for the accumulation of points. You may choose to have a spotter but is not required. You must have/wear a helmet for this portion as well as seatbelts.

Check out for more details.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. This sounds like a terrific time to me. I wonder if there is still time to register? I’m going to see if there is. I love scavenger hunts and the blind driver sounds like a real trip.


  2. This sounds like a rockin weekend and you can bet I’ll be in the thick of it. I’ve been to the Flat Nasty Off Road Park before and loved it.


  3. My bags and coolers are packed and in the Jeep. I’m just getting ready to leave. It’s an 8 1/2 hour drive and I want to be there bright and early in the morning. I’ll drive most of it today and spend the night about an hour short of my destination. I wish they were having an early check in so I could spend the night there. Not too anxious, am I? I really can’t wait to get started on an exciting weekend.


  4. What a blast that was. We got home early this afternoon and wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed the festivities of Rock Stock 2010. If it’s there next year we’ll be there too.


  5. Flat Nasty Off Road Park is a great place and near enough to me that I get there once or twice a month. I miss last weekend though due to my little brother’s graduation. I guess that was more important, but barely.


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