Memorial Day Weekend

Arlington National Cemetery

It isn’t often that we get a three day weekend to enjoy, and as I have seen, some of our fans on our XtremeTerrain Facebook Fan Page
aren’t privy to the three days weekend. For those of you who have to work, my sympathies, but as a couple fans said (Alan and DawnMarie) “at least I have a job”. Now that is a great attitude! For those of you who don’t , make sure you give your thanks and remembrance to the men and woman who died for us while in the military services.

I have posted a couple Jeep events that are going on this upcoming weekend, however not everyone is close enough to attend them. For those of you who are not able to attend an Jeep off-roading event, do you have local trails that you can enjoy? I know I have been known to hit a few service roads for the railroad that allow for off road access. Although not always as challenging as many trails, still prove to be a nice time. From time to time you will come across obstacles along the way that if you were to have taken your Sunday cruiser you might be in a bit of trouble with. You can come across a down tree or some pretty muddy spots along the way. On the access roads for the railroad I travel that allows for vehicles I come across some great areas for morel hunting, asparagus, and even berries. So even if you can’t hit a jeep event, maybe you have a place or two you can hit on a day off to enjoy a little time in your Jeep as well. Please make sure in advance that it is legal for you to drive on the access roads first!!!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. There aren’t any events within driving distance for me but there is a national park nearby and that’s where we’re headed. There are a few trails and a really nice camp ground. I only have 2 days off instead of 3 and I need to be near enough to make it to work on time. Maybe next year I’ll get all 3.


  2. Several of the local Jeepsters, myself included, have served in the military and some of us are still in the reserves. I really appreciate you asking for thanks and remeberance for those who died protecting our freedom. They deserve that and more.


  3. I’ll be running around the trails in my Jeep on Saturday and Sunday but Monday is out. I spend Memorial Day visiting a V.A. hospital in a town near where I live. Most of these guys have no one to visit them and on this day, more than any other, they deserve a visit.


  4. I attended mass this morning at a local cemetary. The morning was beautiful and the mass, well attended. The festivities of the afternoon got rained on for a couple of hours and then the sun broke through to finish off the day in true holiday style. Thanks for remembering those who served in the military.


  5. I had to work the whole weekend end which was a bummer for me, but, you gotta do what you gotta do. Bread on the table comes first. I did get a few hours of trail riding in on Monday between the rains. I’m hoping I get a couple of consecutive days around the 4th off so I can hit an event.


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