South Florida Jeep Club

Nichole S., a fan on the XtremeTerrain Facebook fanpage brought the South Florida Jeep Club to our attention so we could give them a shout out and hopefully we can help them a little more recognition and members.

The South Florida Jeep Club is a diverse group that enjoys wheeling, camping, traveling, and showing off with their Jeeps. They are a family friendly club and invite you to join them! The more the merrier!

South Florida Jeep Club host the Southeast Jeepfest located at the BassPro Shops in Dania. They also travel to other club’s events, give local support to 4 wheel shop’s openings/special events, show their club spirit in parades and participate in various charity causes.

History of South Florida Jeep Club
“The original Plantation Jeep Club was established in 1982 on the basis of mutual enjoyment of owning and using Jeep vehicles. The club was organized with the thought in mind that camping and four wheeling in a group is more fun and safer than going alone. On January 1, 2006 the club was renamed to “South Florida Jeep Club”.


What We Do
Throughout the year, the SFJC participates in many activities and events. Some of the activities and benefits include:
4-wheeling all over the U.S.A.
Charity events/donations
Membership in off-road associations
Attendance at other club’s and organizations events
Sporting events
Vacation cruises
Hosting our very own JeepFest event

Club Dues
Our yearly dues run from July to June.
1st year: $35 for full year, $20 if joining from January to June
Subsequent years: $30 due in July
After 10 years you are considered a Life member and you no longer are required to pay dues.

Want to learn more about the South Florida Jeep Club or become a member? Feel free to visit their website at South Florida Jeep Club (

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I live in North Beach, Florida and Dania is actually quite close to where I live. I’ve only been in the state for 3 months and finding a place to live and a job came first. Now that I’m employed and housed it’s time to look for a Jeep club and I was really happy when I found this blog. I’ve been a fan of your site for quite a while and I’m glad I have at least 1 contact since my move.


  2. That’s a great lineup of activities and events and extremely diverse. Our club has some social outings but nothing compared to this. Of course, we don’t live in Florida either. I think Florida is a state that gets people involved and moving. Most people think of Florida as the retirement state but it’s a whole lot more than that. We’re located in Alabama, another great area for Jeeps!


  3. That’s a catchy motto! I live in Georgia, actually I just moved here. I haven’t had a chance to see if there are any clubs around here. I hope there are. I’ve already found a good place for off road driving. I suspect there are many more and a club would know about the best of the best.


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