Mud NY Off Roading Club

Mud NY
Mud NY Logo

I really enjoyed looking through the Mud NY website that was brought to my attention by one of Xtremeterrains Facebook Fans – David Lane, also founder of this group.

You can tell by the Mud NY website that they took a lot of time in its creation and you can see their love of off roading throughout. This group does not discriminate against what you drive but does have some by laws in which your vehicle has to meet requirements. (Nothing unreasonable.)

Here is some information David so kindly shared with me regarding this terrific off roading group:

“We are a family friendly off road club based out of Central New York for the die hard or casual off roader. We allow any type of 4×4.

MUD NY is organized to provide social, educational, and recreational activities for its membership. We promote safe and sensible operation of our stock and modified four wheel drive vehicles, both on and off-road.

Monthly meeting are on the last Saturday of each month unless otherwise noted. The meeting location is usually in Maine, NY. The exact location can be found on our website. For any other information please visit our website.

Our next meeting is Saturday August 28th, the details can be found on the website or On the MudNY Facebook FanPage.

I hope all you off roaders in the New York area check out this group and even become part of their family. I would also like to thank David for sharing his group with us and for the shout out he gave XtremeTerrain on the clubs resource page. Thank you David, and Keep us posted of any upcoming off roading events we can help you promote through our blog.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. That’s a pretty cool logo. I love Jeeping in the mud. It’s not for sissies, that’s for sure. I guess I like all terrains now that I think about it. It’s the Jeep that I love!


  2. There’s a lot of mud to be had in New York! I should know, I’ve been driving in it for nearly 15 years. My Dad was a Jeep man most of his life and that love of being off road just naturally rubbed off on me.


  3. My Jeep has looked a lot like the ones in the photo’s. I love driving in mud and before I hit the car wash I get lots of looks and laughs. I don’t mind because I know the fun I had was worth it. I just laugh back because I know what they missed.


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