Featured Jeeper ~ Tony E. Tanguma

Tony E. Tanguma

Today I would like to introduce you to yet another very active Jeeper ~ Tony E. Tanguma. Tony E. Tanguma and his family resides in Colorado, a land rich with many terrific off roading spots! Without further ado… allow me to let Tony take it from here…

Tony E. Tanguma

Tony E. Tanguma
I’m married to an amazing woman, Amber, who loves to go Jeepin w/me! We have 6 amazing children all together in a blended family.
Tony E. Tanguma

I own a 2007 Jeep JK Rubicon. I belong to 2 main 4-wheel clubs w/the 1st being The Edge Off-Road club which are a great bunch of folks and the 2nd being Northern Colorado 4×4 club which are also a great group.
Red Cone Pass Trail

Some of my favorite trails here in Colorado would be Holy Cross, Red Cone, Mt. Antero, Wheeler Lake, Spring Creek, Kelly Flats-The Chutes and a host of others…
Tony E. Tanguma

I have several sayings/quotes on my jeep such as “It’s A Rock Get Over It” , “I Drive Over Stuff” & “God Made Rocks For Crawling” & on my front windshield it says, “If You Can Read This Roll Me Over” I get lots of feedback from people on these often!
Tony E. Tanguma

I’ve put about 25,000.00 in modifications into my Jeep but there’s lots more I’d like to do such as RockJock60 front & rear axles w/5.13 gears and an Atlas transfer case so I can run 37’s to 39’s Nitto Mud Grapplers or Pitbull tires. I currently have a 4″ Teraflex lift w/35’s Nitto Mud Grapplers on the stock Dana 44 front & rear axles.
Tony E. Tanguma

I remember doing some 4-wheelin w/my dad as a young boy but nothing as extreme as I do now so I’ve definitely taken it up a few levels but the memories of seeing some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable and just being able to enjoy the amazing outdoors has always stuck w/me! Sharing this 4-wheelin hobby w/others of like mind is priceless!
Continental Divide

I have many 4-wheeling stories w/my friends & family that I could share but one of my most memorable was being up on a trail near Breckenridge and having my front lockers fail but still able to make it to the top only to be hit by a major blizzard as we began to travel across the Continental Divide. It got treacherous , beautiful but was an adrenaline rush all at the same time.
Tony E. Tanguma

Tony E. Tanguma

These were taken at Zombiefest a yearly event put on by the Rock Zombie Outlaws located up near Parker & Centennial, CO. A 3-day event of rock crawlin, mud pits, tree climbing and car crushing fun times followed by a huge bonfire! Lots of memories! They had to sell there land to the government due to unfair pressure by the state and the last event took place in 2009…argh!
Tony E. Tanguma

Rock climbing at the Chutes where I acquired some nice battle scars from the rock face entering the brutal trail!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Holy hot wheels Batman, when you say extreme, I believe you! The pictures were impressive for sure. The one taken in front of the house, (yours?) looked like you were grandstanding a bit, but the rest of them were over the top on the WOW FACTOR SCALE. How do you find time for that with 6 kids? I only have 2 and it seems like I never get as much time off road as I’d like.


  2. Where exactly are the Chutes? Just looking at the picture it’s easy to understand how you might have suffered a few battle scars. I would love to be able to give that trail a try if it’s still open to the public.


  3. I love it! Can’t keep that ‘big boy’ from climbing even when he’s parked in the driveway. I’ve always suspected that Jeeps have a mind of their own and this picture just proves it. I was looking at the last picture (the butal trail) and I can only guess at the scrapes and scratches you got there. Break out the bandaids!


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