Hump N Bump and the Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers

Hump N Bump 2010

November 5th thru the 6th 2010, the 30th annual Hump N Bump will be taking place in Logandale NV. The Hump N Bump is put on by the Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers.

Here is a little about the Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers and then after that.. more about the Hump N Bump and how you can attend.

Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers was created many many moons ago and today has over 90 members and families. The club has organized annual charitable activities with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Southern Nevada along with organized cleanups of desert areas. Most runs are arranged by individual club members themselves but there are a few annual club events that are designed to attract out-of-state 4×4’ers and to generate revenue for the club. Starting in 2007 the Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers helped start the Southern Nevada Trails Fund (SNTF) and is one of it’s major sponsors.”

What is Hump N Bump?

Hump N Bump is the largest event of the year where you will get to experience terrain like no other. The Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers has been putting on this run for 30 years now and it keeps getting larger and larger with participants from all over the country.

Starting back in 2007, proceeds from the event go to helping keep Southern Nevada Trails open, to educate and maintain legal motorized access to all points of interest in public lands throughout Southern Nevada. So come out and have a great time while helping keep our trails open!

Where does the Hump N Bump take place?

Most of the trail rides are around Logandale, NV. The “Base Camp” is located at the Logandale Fairgrounds just up Whipple Road. It is about 1 mile from where the trailheads of most of the trails are located. Logandale, NV is about 60 miles east of Las Vegas on I-15.

So what is it like?

All the trails start out at base camp, this year located at the Logandale Fair Grounds, and take you into the hills of Logandale over gravel roads, rocks, sand dunes, washes, canyons; virtually every type wheeling the desert has to offer! Trails are rated from 1 to 5, 1 being scenic to 5 being extreme. The fair grounds offer water and power hookups for those of you with RVs and can’t get away from air conditioning, showers, or a microwave for the weekend. Their is also a grass area for tent camping. Dumpsters and porta johns are provided at base camp. Mini marts, restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, propane filler and auto-parts stores are conveniently located about within a 3 mile radius from base camp.

The trail rides are Friday and Saturday so you can choose 2 trails you would like to run. A description of each is listed below. Signup sheets will be located at the registration booth. Some trails will limit the number of vehicles so sign up early. We also do “unofficial” night runs to some of the near by trails of Rock Bottom, the Shedder, the Bowl, and Bronco Falls.

What else happens at Hump N Bump?

On Saturday after the trail rides there will be a BBQ and raffle. The raffle is for many assorted vehicle accessories, room accommodations, gift certificates, and clothing with grand prizes held for the end so load up on tickets at the registration trailer. There is also a children’s raffle so bring the whole family. New this year is a $500 cash drawing, $5 a ticket for this one. So hang out, meet some wheelers, and make some new friends.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. If you were out to get my attention, it worked! How can this have been going on for 30 years and I’m just now finding out about it? I love that area of the country and have been to Las Vegas several times. Of course, those trips were not ones I took my Jeep on. This event may change that. I’m putting in for time off as soon as I get to the office tomorrow. The good Lord willing and the proverbial creek don’t rise, I’ll be there!


  2. My family and I have been to this event several times over the years. My oldest, who was just a toddler the first time we went, is now driving his own Jeep to the event this year. Time flies when you’re having fun.


  3. I just got my vacation time approval for this event. I’m so excited I can hardly wait. I love my job, but since I got the OK I find it hard to keep my mind on work. My breaks, lunch hours and evenings are spent planning the trip so I can make the most of it. Look out Las Vegas, here I come!


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