Featured Jeeper Kurt Ganrud

Kurt Ganrud

Today’s featured jeeper is Kurt Ganrud. I really don’t know how to introduce this jeeper to you other then pull up a chair, sit down and take a stroll with Kurt and his life… Enjoy.. I know I did.. Make sure to check out his facebook.. he has a lot of great pics!

“My Name Is Kurt Ganrud. I live in a small town in Southern Minnesota, I have two children; Erin is 7 years old and Mason is 2 years old. I also have a loving wife who lets me dump tons of time and money into our family wheeling rig. She grew up with wheeling in her family with her father and her brother so she is used to it and loves it just about as much as me.

Kurt Ganrud

We have a decently modified 1986 Jeep CJ-7. It has a custom built frame with a double triangulated Four Link front and rear; 16″ air shocks; front and rear winches; mild built 350 TBI; built 700R4 mated to a NP 203- Dana 300 doublers twin stick. It also has a full roll cage, tube fenders, and body armor. Axles are GM Dana 60 front hydro steer with high steer arms, 5:38 gears with a air locker. Back has a GM Corp 14 welded 5:38’s disc brake conversion; tires are 44′ TSL’S southern cut on custom Beadlocks.

My favorite place to go off roading has got to be in the Iron Range OHV park in Northern Minnesota. It’s an old taconite mine and it has a little bit of everything from huge hills to sharp shale rock, red mud and boulders the size of Toyotas. I really do love it up there! It has amazing views and you can see for miles when you get up on those cliffs. But really, anywhere we go with a good group of people it’s destined to be a great time no matter what.

Kurt Ganrud

I think my favorite quote would have to be ” When in doubt throttle out” well, it seems to work for me anyway.

If I could change anything on this Rig it would have to be a TPI 383 Stroker with 400 HP. I am going to get that accomplished “next year”, hopefully!!!

I have a few modifications that I believe are the best and wouldn’t go without: On board air, Rocklights, Front and rear Winch and a full belly skid.

We belong to a club called Rockbottom 4×4 I have been the President since we started it in 2009. It consists of a tight group of family and friends and is constantly growing. Rockbottom also belongs to the MN4WDA ( Minnesota Four wheel drive association). We do what we can to help open new trails and parks and also help keep the old ones open.

I used to be a “Mudder” until 1998 when my Buddy took me out in his Dads brand new (STOCK) 4.0 Cherokee in the middle of winter. We drove up a hill with 2″ of snow and with a little finesse, we made it! I was hooked ever since!!

I love off-roading because everyone I have met involved with this sport is Awesome. I have met so many great people and now great friends with this hobby. Our kids just love wheeling and its great to have a family sport that you can all do together. If you have family and friends; Jeeping and camping equals nothing but fun in my books!

Kurt Ganrud

I have so many great wheeling stories but my favorite was actually during my Jeeps build process. It was a long hard 6 months, but that day that we put the body on the chassis and had it all put together and running, it was the look on my kid’s faces that made it priceless! They were so excited to see it actually come together after all the hard work that was put into it!”

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I’m jealous! I love my wife and she loves me, but I have to beg for every penny I put into my Jeep. She doesn’t care for it at all. I keep hoping I can convince her to just give it a try. I know if I can get her off road and behind the wheel she’ll be hooked. Cool pics. I like the color, I’ve been thinking about getting mine painted, I never did like the color green, but the price was right so I settled.


  2. I love the metal cage, it looks great and functional too. I’ve got a hard top and wished more than once that I would have gone the other direction. Anyone got a big canopener I can borrow?


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